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  1. On 12/18/2019 at 4:40 PM, I Don’t Search I Find said:

    They’re posted and buried in several threads so I thought I’d post them all in here for easy access and to give that acclaim the focus it deserves!

    Billboard Magazine


    The 50 Best Albums of 2019: Staff Picks

    46. Madonna, Madame X

    After two albums of Madonna sounding like she was largely playing catch-up to mainstream trends (2012's EDM-courting MDNA and 2015's collaborator-stuffed Rebel Heart), the pop GOAT decided to go back to blazing her own trail, and not looking over her shoulder at how many were following her lead. Top 40 and streaming audiences might not have been particularly amenable to her genre-hopping free-for-all, but longtime fans found plenty to chew on in the set's unpredictable excursions -- including a Walter Carlos-like dip into synthified Tchaikovsky in "Dark Ballet," a Random Access Memories-worthy prog-disco odyssey in "God Control," and a welcome return to Latin pop in the breezy Maluma team-ups "Medellín" and "Bitch I'm Loca." Madge can rest assured that anyone still trekking along with her at this point is in for the long haul, and excited as ever for what twists and turns lay ahead. -- ANDREW UNTERBERGER


    On 12/18/2019 at 4:43 PM, I Don’t Search I Find said:



    The 50 best albums of 2019

    45. Madonna, ‘Madame X’ (Interscope)

    In a nutshell: The ultimate pop icon taps into the Latin pop zeitgeist

    On her best album in years, Madonna returned under the guise of ‘Madame X’, an alter-ego that encompassed roles of a mother, child, teacher, spy, nun, saint, and more. The album that shared her new pseudonym was similarly imaginative, pulling together inspiration from the Latin-pop and Batuque music she’d been exposed to since moving to Lisbon, Portugal. Ultimately, ’Madame X’ represented an eclectic, masterful new phase that stood tall amid her inimitable back catalogue. 

    Key track: ‘Medellín’.

    Best moment: The glittery pop waltz of ‘Crazy’’s chorus. RD

    Awesome reviews!!!! !!

  2. On 7/20/2019 at 3:08 AM, Crozzauk said:

    Based on what we saw from the Madame X doc - they could edit one together from the Birthday footage taken in Marrakech. I think i would actually prefer to see that as she looked amazing, and it would so fit with the music of the song.

    That would be so cool!!!! !!

  3. 1 hour ago, Jazzy Jan said:

    Agree.  Such an unusual song and also so captivating and a song I can imagine so many could love. .  Has lots of interesting elements to it to discover.  I love it.   One of my favourites on the album. 

    Mine too !!!

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