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  1. This song started at the bottom of my ranking of Madame X songs when the album first came out, but in the following months it grew on me immensely. The performance on the Madame X tour gave me the final and strongest dose of love for the song and now it's my second favourite.
  2. I've just realized, compiling my top100 Madonna songs, that this has become my favourite song off Madame X.
  3. This song spoke to me immediately on a lyrical level, but I love her voice in this especially in the chorus. It literally brings me tears sometimes when I listen to it.
  4. This Iheart radio interview has been my favourite of the promo stops for this era!
  5. Only Madonna is able to make me digest a genre i always despised lol I don't know how i would feel with a whole new album of this though. As long as it's just a fun featuring i'm fine.
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