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  1. 11 minutes ago, justinian said:

    Strange all this....I really can’t believe this situation. The statement from the official man 4 days prior to the event “if not contract signed, she won’t perform”, it makes no sense in the whole picture of the Eurovision, it’s too late for them to get prepared/rehearsed for the plan B....they need something to happen on that stage in those 15 min....they can’t just improvise if “she won’t sign”.....

    Otherwise said, for me she will definitely be there it’s something already settled by contacts. 

    What i found as well wired, the official man has not called her by her name, but either “she” or “the artist”...and his statement was more like explaining (in a very common sense style) a “general” rule....

    EBU has even a Plan B for the location. They can not play with fire. In fact hey have a PlanB for everything.

  2. 4 minutes ago, Nonoka said:

    If they shot the video on consecutive days (which has been the case with most M videos as far as I know), it should be finished by now, right? They started on Thursday, they wouldn‘t need more than 2-3 days, no?

    Then 2 weeks of editing and 2 weeks of postproduction. Ready for an early april release.

  3. 6 minutes ago, Foolio said:

    To say I'm excited about this new era is a criminal understatement, but one thing I don't understand. Why were some drag queens hired to perform in the video the day before the shooting started? Judging by everything else we know, M has put a lot of thought and careful planning into this project - was there some sort of a last-minute U-turn in the concept of the video or something? 

    I guess that it is how you keep a secret "secret" ... 

  4. 14 minutes ago, Mensch said:

    Ok if M releases an English version of this...which is rumored...it’ll likely be a huge hit EVEN if it’s not what I want but it’s exactly what’s playing in every gay bar in NYC on a loop! I recently went to a bar in Hell’s Kitchen and it was a constant LOOP of Nicki, Ariana, Cardi and Anitta ...it wouldn’t stray except for maybe a Rihanna song. 


    so I’m seeing an edgier unapologetic bitch with a colorful video of the two women dancing and gyrating. I’m here for it. It’s a fun beat and it’s sexy. But also, who knows if there will even be a video...


    rumor ?

    where ?

    she is not laisy

  5. 3 minutes ago, jpop said:

    Haven't you seen that gaga is topping the charts


    Madonna can not realist new material until gaga goes down, that is why it will be around May. can not take the risk to get compare.

    It is gaga time now, then after the Oscars  (she better not get it, because she does not deserve it) people will be ready to new things, after.

    Make sense

    That LG reminds me a lot of Shirley Bassey. Lots of noise. Not so much talent and longevity. We say in French un "singe savant".

  6. 17 minutes ago, YannBouch said:

    Ah the Faux expert. 

    Even an observation, if it’s negative. Plz keep it to yourself. It a time of joy and celebration so don’t comment on a tease other to speculate or be happy. 

    Thank you


    Thank you so much ! There is so much negativity and hate everywhere.

  7. 6 minutes ago, karbatal said:

    It is a very interesting post, but as we have stated Eurovision is not United Nations, it is a festival of songs created by Broadcasting Platforms from different countries to choose one song. It is not related to the European Union or any political institution. That is what some people don't understand. In Eurovision, during the early 90s, countries from the former Yugoslavie who were AT WAR were performing there: Serbia, Croatia... Russia and Ukraine, who are currently at conflict, have been performing there together. Ukraine's decision to boycott the participation of the Russian entry buy stopping the singer in the border was in my opinion out of the question and was very critisised and Eurovision sanctioned Ukraine for "harming" the image of the festival. That is why we are trying to explain that open politics are not part of Eurovision and only very, very recently, have timidly appear, with the booing of the Russian artists after Putin's politics against gays, for example. But nothing else. 



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