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  1. I still don't know when this "feat" trend started. I hate that. Let's go back to the time when artists do albums without collabs please.

    They never add anything new or goos to the songs. Just a few second saying nothing just to catch some plays and sales. 

    I dont include 4 Minutes here because that had more sense. It's like a duo doing a song together and not just Madonna and other singer singing 3 words.

  2. 3 hours ago, Humberto77rj said:

    Hugo Gloss is pretty close to Anitta, like Perez was with lady xerox.

    When he says somnething about a "rumour", it means it is true. We'll see.

    makes sense to me. A feat with an artist from one of the biggest markets in Latinamerica for the lead single...

  3. 10 hours ago, YannBouch said:

    Indeed. Not going to happen so why bother. 

    Another we r superstar moment when a nobody brings out a rumour about Madonna to get likes. 

    if that is the case, i would have been easier for her to say "no" but she didn't

    That we r superstars was a already released song by some dj and here we have a woman that doesn't denies a feat. It's a different case

  4. i'm worried about the album cover. I want her to serve an iconic cover like she did with Rebel Heart but after that, all her covers were a MESS. That post with Aldo Diaz turned on the alarms on me. I think she is on a bad taste fase with her visuals and fashion since BIM. Like she doesn't even know what looks good and what is tacky and cheap.

    All those grillz, Moschino crap, aldo diaz edits, filters everywhere... i hope she puts herself together again for this because...

  5. 2 hours ago, Starman said:

    LFL is super boring, you can barely see her beneath the pixels and the white lighr... so was GTown...very generic... BIM was the best from that era

    GMAYL was ok but it didnt have a story.... GGW was good and she looked great.


    I really miss a video where she takes us on a journey, the last one was 4 Min


    i think that is how it is supposed to look. It recreates an old video and the saturate red is part of the message she is trying to give.

  6. 2 hours ago, humanracin said:

    Dark Ballet is ok for a song title ... but not for the album or tour

    Its sound too much like a Cirque de Soleil production

    I like Magic, it's simple and iconic... Madonna "Magic" sounds punchy and memorable.

    well, when i think about a circus, baroque is one of the first things i think. She never did an album like that, probably Rebel Heart comes close but her records are kinda minimalists in a way so...

    You all know that Magic is a word that can be used for her haters easily and she can be dragged if the music doesn't connect with the gp. It's dangerous and let's be honest...everything she releases since HC will be compared with Confessions and ROL so there is high possibilities of those drags. Apart from that, the word is basic.

  7. she was trying to do a game with the words DNA and MDMA like if the album were a representation of herself. That went wrong and after that she did Rebel Heart. So... yeah, i find it weak and kinda pointless because that album doesn't deserve to be remembered like her "dna"

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