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  1. 2 hours ago, robster said:

    I think her own album and music video have a higher priority then her own private Oscar party which is not until February 24th. Everything points to her being in work mode, especially since her entire team is in work mode!

    Arianne Phillips is in London btw and posted 5 pictures one hour ago of Madonna by Steven Klein, tagging Madonna and Steven klein, all with the same caption: "happy together!" My guess is that the shoot they are doing is Madonna by Steven Klein, styled by Arianne.

    Probably. I remember her posting selfies with a black wig before her birthday or met gala. Same with that crown made by Jean Paul

  2. 1 hour ago, Confessit said:

    I never understood it either they sound nothing alike !

    I doubt Madonna would of called in the lawyers I can only imagine Rihanna insisted on including Madonna in the credits as she is a huge fan and the title is similar to who’s that girl.


    2 hours ago, trickyricky said:

    madonna was credited on that song ? i didnt think they sounded similar at all 

    yep. They are. Compare 0:56 from Who's That Girl to 1:09 from Who's That Chick. The chorus melody is literally the same.




  3. 7 minutes ago, iamme said:

    Please no. I’d rather see Madonna with a troop of dancers surrounding and coming in/on her. It’s all about styled and unique choreography. No twerks please

    I was referring to a video where she is dancing. Not alone. Of couse she has to have dancers but the whole video with a choreography and nothing more. Like the dancing parts of Girl Gone Wild.

  4. i always find videos with storyline boring. The last one i remember is this one:

    the song is great but the video doesn't have replay value. On the other side, the lead single had a colorfull video and it was quite succesful.


    people want aesthetically pleasing videos more than one that has a story. Of course these have a meaning behind  but it's more important the quality of the visuals. Here we have examples:



    i don't know you but i'd LOVE something directed by WES ANDERSON (The Grand Budapest Hotel, Moonrise Kingdom, The Royal Tenembaums). His aesthetic and visuals>>>>>>>>>>>>


  5. 10 hours ago, Sokrates5 said:

    If her first single is a monster hit, as I’m sure it will be, all your sales predictions will triple. It’s Madonna we’re talking about, for crying out loud, of course she has it in her to deliver another master piece. And with the right promotion, she’ll be everywhere.

    Media coverage around her birthday was amazing and almost unanimously positive. Yes, the two mentioned backlashes followed suit, but all of it goes to show that the media assume the general public is still interested in her. And they are. If her album is the masterpiece it’s rumoured to be, everyone will celebrate her for having yet another massive comeback, though she never left. Her career has been declared dead and over so many times, it’s funny to see how many of you are inclined to believe it. Mark my words 😘

    it's been 13 years since her last acclaimed piece of work and we all know that the context is not the same. This time is different and we need to stop thinking that any news about her is positive because she is getting headlines. Those headlines are calling her pressed, untalented and disrespecful old woman. That's not good.

    We can't compare with the backlash she got during Erotica and AL because she had something to say then. An artistic proposal like ir or not. She was young and had recent acclaimed eras. Now everything is about making fun of her and drag her for everything.

    But i agree that if the new material is good, she can bounce back a little bit. I hope so, i have faith in Mirwais and her. I want to believe that she still has the ambition and inspiration to close mouths

  6. i don't expect a well received era anymore tbh, this new generation of gays doesn't like her that much and disrespect her all the time and a lot of people who used to like her, are still waiting for a COAD 2.0. She's been on a hate loop this year since that aretha speech and add more to it with that "100 people in a room" video on instagram. The backlash for that were surprisingly big.

    I'm pretty sure there will be comparisons with you know who (just in time for the oscars) and a lot of backlash and hate comments from other fanbases and swjs, sadly. I hope i get proved wrong.

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