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  1. i don't know about you but i think it would have been better if she had not teased anything. Not even pic on studio. Everything on secret to surprise with the announcement. Yes, i know that paparazzis got her on those studios but still.

    Imagine the surprise of the new album, new single, new look, new sounds, mirwais being involved. The shock!

  2. you all better expect for low numbers to avoid any dissapointment and to enjoy the era.  I see other fanbases always checking how the singles are doing and if they do bad, they start having meltdowns.
    As for me, i'm not expecting the singles to enter on the hot 100. I accepted that her chart power is gone when Ghosttown and Living For Love failed to enter there.

    If her music does better than her previous work, it would be a lovely surprise

  3. 3 hours ago, jonski43 said:

    Yes, what is a mixtape in the modern modern meaning? I'm sure she's not recording her favourite songs onto a C90 to give to Mirwais.

    And does the album need to be finished before a single is released?

    I don't mind she's working on the album still but expectations are sky rocketing!

    Well, a mixtape doesn't have to be "cohesive". She can experiment with it and it doesn't need promotion or physical release either. More like a gift for fans.

    Remember when she liked the idea of releasing rejected songs from past albums? That would be fun to hear on a mixtape

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