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  1. Hell no. Twitter is essential. It's the only social media where you can share that kind of posts and spread it everywhere becoming it viram. In facebook you can't for 2 reasons: they are not in chronological order and people doesn't give damn when they scroll because there is so much bullshit so it kinda gets lost easily.

    In instagram you have to pay if you want to appear on other people timeline. So yeah...they should use twitter too. 

  2. I am surprised that she never went to Italy to live there. I hope she does it one day, seems like a place that could inspire to her write some good europop songs 😎

    New York is cancelled and fired after making her to write bitch im madonna.

  3. 36 minutes ago, Samo said:

    Everybody in music does collabos and at least Madonna isn't doing a Barbra Streisand, a whole album of her classic songs with younger artists, of course NO ONE calls Streisand out on it, Madonna would be burned at the stake if she did that


    And that's just by her fans!

    and that's why it's a problem. If everyone does it, does Madonna have to do it too? She was fine before Hard Candy.

  4. i don't think a surprise release will work with her. It's not like people are going crazy waiting for her new material. The only thing that matters and does the whole work is a good fresh song. If people likes whatever she drops, they will give a listen to the rest. There's no a magic formula there unless you too popular.

  5. What a tired ass article. Why is she trying to drag Madonna for no reason? why is she so pressed by that?

    On the other hand, Madge should stop doing feats tho. I don't know when collabs became so neccesary on every single album on this earth but i hope that trend stops soon because they never add anything good to any song. Totally anticlimatic, cuts the vibe, etc. You are enjoying a song and then some irrelevant rapper or singler starts talking shit for 20 seconds nonstop.

    Fans should stop asking for them too. I will never understand those gays who are always commenting "collab" and when it happens, they don't listen the songs.


  6. I hope that political-dance-disco song is some woman-empowerment song. A mix between Express Yourself, Human Nature and another one. Nothing cliché about politicians, stay together and world peace. 

  7. Just now, trickyricky said:

    she wont comment 

    how do you know? we never know what people are going to ask her. She keeps posting things about him on her social media. I hope she stays really quiet about all that.

    I'm afraid that she will say something really messy like Barbra or Diana Ross :scared:

  8. If she's going to do interviews to promote the new album i hope she asks them in advance to NOT ask her about other artists or especially about Michael Jackson. She should stay away the must she can from all that MESS :scared:. But knowing her, she will fuck it up again.


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