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  1. 11 hours ago, loowee said:

    Didn't we say the same thing in 2014 when she started working with Avicii? and then Avicii Heart became one of her most loved tracks?


    Why look down on all Top 40 music? Isn't it where Madonna's foundation was built on? Are we expecting some obscure Bjork-like record? Ryan Tedder can write some pretty and catchy melodies just like Avicii. The biggest problem with her recent albums is the absence of a strong producer. What we need is some top notched production which I hope Mirwais can deliver! 

    THANK YOU. Those "generic" arguments get on my nerves, i swear. Since when are we following some irrelevant indie pretencious artist? jesus...

  2. 12 minutes ago, Showdown said:

    Wasnt Hold Tight one of them? Or did he just do the final production?

    that was just a rumour because a lot of people found it similar to Baby Don't Lie by Gwen Stefani. Hold Tight was written with Diplo but Madonna finished it alone. She produced the song all by herself.

    Ryan Tedder told in a interview that his songs never leaked. They were working together when the leaks started.




  3. there are more songwriters involve that we don't know yet.


    In march, she said she was with brilliant songwriterS. In plural. We only know about Starrah.  I don't you but i wish one of them is Ryan Tedder. I was just listening Counting Stars. What an amazing song and album 3846532185.png sadly, his songs for Rebel Heart never saw the light


  4. 5 hours ago, Jazzy Jan said:

    We need to remind her of when she last wore that beautiful silver Versace dress ( before the met ball )   It was at the Brit awards where she looked like a beautiful Rapunzel with the long blonde wig and the wind machine.    See where I am going -  wind machines = Eurovision !   

    Karbatal,  send her a video of her hair blowing all beautifully near  the wind machine and tell her to get back to Portugal to perform there !  

    why whould you remind her something she already knows? lol btw, i don't think it's the SAME dress. It's similar but has something different on the shoulders

  5. 47 minutes ago, gamebeautiful said:

    Hello, guys.

    First of all, thank you for the amazing work done in the forum.

    Secondly, Beautiful game is just a track for the new album. Not even considered as a second single. 

    The first single was planned to be a Madonna feat Nicki minaj and Cardi B. The Nicky minaj part has been recorded but the cardi's one is in stand by mode.


  6. 25 minutes ago, Dr Lecter said:

    I’m always beyond excited for a new song . Even GMAYL, for about seven minutes .


    but I think she is totally gonna pull it out the bag.


    Lets hope MYMANAGERGUYOSEARY isn’t too busy sending birthday wishes or old photos of him stalking celebs is on the case this time 

    Isn't he touring with U2? 

  7. If she really is going to release a song, her team NEEDS to put her music on spotify and some relevant playlists. The GP is not going to discover her new material by their own. They did a horrible job with the first 6 tracks of Rebel Heart. 

    Streaming is everything now, they need to put their s*it together and do the things RIGHT.

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