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  1. 23 minutes ago, luizotaviobarros said:

    The one thing though is that when you look at the track list, the album title doesn’t seem to make much sense. If she’s going down a more spiritual path, risky places and smartgun kind of stick out, don’t they?

    well, that "insider" says he heard only 7 songs or something like that. So it's not the complete thing. MDNA has nothing to do with the whole album for example. That was a random name.  Same with Music which is only related with the first song.

    I can totally imagine her talking about those things on her music. I hope not because that sounds pretty bad and the backlash will be huge. not here for that :wacko:

    The good thing is that if the album is good, i'm going to enjoy it more. i'll be surprised :stir:

  2. i remember i read some rebel heart review in 2014 and i said "bullshit. this is fake" Part of it said "diplo songs are childish and avicii's songs are not very radiofriendly" or something like that and he described every single song with its respective titles. And it ended being a real review :nervous:  watch out because insiders like that exists in her team.

    so i don't know what can be real or fake anymore. I hope not because we know Mirwais like to talk about political stuff (that's what M and he said) and what she said about the concept of M14 last year so i can imagine her going on that direction. That sexual song sounds so her.

    on the other hand i doubt of people claiming they heard 14 tracks when the album is not ready yet. How can they know if there going to be 14 tracks?

  3. They need to put their s-it together and work hard on social media for the next era.

    -Spotify has 170 million of subscribers and 40 of them are for free. So they need to record some ad to promote the singles and the album. You know...put a snippet of the song and Madonna saying "Hi, this is Madonna and this is my new single. Listen to it right now on spotify" like EVERY SINGLE ARTIST DOES. I got sick of Enrique Igleasias promoting his DAMN "Bailando" song for a f-king year! If he did it, she can do it too. :IMG_1564:

    -Get a LOT of banners on itunes when her singles and album came out.

    -Pay for promotional tweets and posts on instagram. I see a lot  commercials everyday on my timeline and when i'm watching stories.

    -Pay Spotify to put her songs on every relevant playlist. "Today's top hits" has 20.017.551 followers and "New Music Friday" has 2.658.890

    -Put a snippet on national tv like Adele did with Hello during some relevant show.


  4. 33 minutes ago, Mark1028 said:

    Sadly Madonna thinks she is good at  "multi tasking" and maybe she used to be....... but I think a few of her somewhat recent albums suffered because she  thought she could do it all.

    MDNA is a pretty decent album but I have a feeling it could've been better if she focused on it more, instead of directing/editing a movie.

    MDNA Tour and Rebel Heart Tour films can relate with that

  5. 12 minutes ago, tuckeye said:

    I wish the 25th too...the album & second single could come out in September...but we all know 'she ain't coming'

    mdnaskin all the way full promo until single is ready by november this year, lol.

    i still don't understand why she keeps filming those mdna skin commercials. They never get televised... why don't you hire some relevant model and focus on your other projects? i know she is very multitasking but find it kinda pointless to spend that money on those videos :dazed:


  6. 1 hour ago, peter said:

    So, we’ve been talking about the Klein shoot that hasn’t yet been released... but I’m not even sure which one we mean at this point. 

    There was the “bride” one we think might have been inspired by Fellini.

    There was the one where she was wearing a lot of black leather. I think she posted a photo where you can see Klein in the mirror taking her photo from behind. She also posted a video where she started with her feet/legs and slowly revealed her face. We thought she might have had the grillz in because of how she spoke.

    There was the “rocket” one (below), which appears to be an MDNA ad, where she is auditioning dancers ... and that was supposed to be coming in full “soon” but I don’t see a full commercial yet...?



    Edit: So, I just realized she posted another teaser of this the other day ... but still no full version... 

    that pic is from the MDNA Skin commercial. I do not think it something more than that






  7. 4 minutes ago, dcbyebyebaby said:

    Do we know if anyone "big" is releasing new songs tomorrow?  I feel there's less of a chance it's being released tonight if someone very popular is also releasing. Although I won't get into the 4 Minutes thing 😒

    Clean Bandit with Demi Lovato and some people are saying Katy Perry because she's going to perform this sunday on the American Idol finale

  8. 1 hour ago, loowee said:

    Ugh no one is doubting her skills. It's just that the production of Hold Tight is unmistakenly Ryan Tedder and it would be naive to believe M produced the song on her own. Do you not find it odd that HT is the ONLY song with Madonna as a sole producer, EVER? Do you also not find it odd that it took them months to release the production credits of the album months after the release? Something must've happened behind the scene.

    and why would he hide himself from the credits. It's just ridiculous. Did they put everyone on the credits on that song but him? His songs didn't make the cut.Period. It's not an opinion or speculation, he SAID that.

    and Hold Tight wasn't the only song to be compared with Baby Don't Lie, My Kind by Hillary Duff too. And that one wasn't produced by him either.

  9. 2 hours ago, peter said:

    Thanks for posting this old news story... I must have missed it amidst all the leaks and just general Christmas busy-ness.  (I remember how hectic it was around the time that Madonna released the first six tracks from RH officially on iTunes...) 

    I remember being really skeptical about the final production on Hold Tight.  It did, indeed, sound so similar to Gwen's Baby Don't Lie production.  And the background vocals (yelps, really) sound so much more like Ryan Tedder than the background vox on the multiple demos which very obviously feature MNEK.  It just seemed like an error in the credits (which took quite a while to be published online, if i recall). 

    I wonder what the Tedder co-writing sessions produced?  Because it doesn't seem like he is credited on anything for RH.  Guess those tracks are in the vault. 

    (By the way, I really love the OneRepublic track "Love Runs Out" while we're talking about Tedder songs that we like.  I don't think that one was mentioned yet amidst the others.)

    i think all those tracks are safe and probably will never leak. He's really a talented songwriter. Very versatil. I love his melodies as well. The most interesting part of him is that he knows how to absorb the essence of the other artist.


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