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  1. To clarify the things, especially to @Crystal Coffin

    -I'm not judging the music because i didn't listen to it. 

    -it's my opinion, not yours. I have the right to say that i don't like it. It that ok @Nikki?

    -I LOVE Mirwais. I never complained about him. 

    -i'm not going anywere. So don't waste your time telling me or telling another person who doesn't like it to go out/fuck off or things like that. Learn to deal with other opinions.

  2. 43 minutes ago, Mensch said:

    I have no idea but the comment was about the Maluma song...which is out Wednesday! 

    I SAW a clip on someone’s phone of the video shoot and Madonna dancing in front of the camera with backup dancers...I believe shirtless black male dancer + like 2 other dancers behind her and she was wearing the sparkly top with wide bottoms of the same print and they were dancing! 

    that's Killers right? that is supposed to be the disco song.

  3. 9 minutes ago, TXIII said:

    I read this on ATRl, has anyone heard or read anything ?


    “A radio edit will be serviced to radios, it's safe to say they will work this on radio.
    Main Version: 4:57
    Radio Edit: 4:10
    Video premieres on April 24th.
    Medellín out & Album Pre-Order 4/17
    Album released on 6/14”


    looking at it again, it’s probably fake, since we are most likely getting the video Wednesday.  

    i read someone saying that the song was long on another forum. So it's probably true. And that is a good sign because her long songs are always good/worthy

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