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  1. 30 minutes ago, rukydee said:

    This guy must have been smoking marijuana while listening to the record. I like the word "weird".... Madonna is brilliant when weird.


    The best Madonna songs for me ,are those that are weird. The ones that don't want radio to play them.I like those ones. Songs like " Skin"...."Sky fits Heaven"....."impressive instant"..." Bedtime stories"..."cyberagga"....

    I so agree with this

  2. 2 hours ago, Samo said:

    Why has promo come to a complete halt? 


    Album is out in just 16 days!


    News on TV shows, major important magazine covers etc

    I may be completely wrong here but, since people's attention span is so short nowadays, it wouldnt make much sense to promote a product that they can't buy right away..? maybe pre-order campaign is considered done with the 2 singles + the 2 live performances, and the real album promo will kick-in closer to its release date? the press review embargo also wouldnt make sense otherwise....

  3. 1 hour ago, RyanAnth4 said:

    Shocked there’s only been 2 mixes of Medellin. It’s still the most played song in uk on radio 2 , it’s still a great bop. They really could have done more with selling the song . The optimism , video launch etc was largely positive. Few dance mixes would keep it going as again disappointingly Crave is becoming the new ghosttown 

    yea they gave up on it way too soon

    it could have been a hit here if it received just a bare minimum of promotion

  4. I just wish we would still get some poppier, more melodic and radio-friendly remixes (like Richard Vission, Tracy Young etc did for her in the past) along with the "darker" club remixes.... I dont understand what's so wrong with a more relaxed and melodic remix that you can actually sing along and dance to

  5. 8 hours ago, nunoxico said:

    Thank you everyone for all the love on the video!

    we worked really hard for it, so it makes me so happy to see it so positively received. You are the best!


    Thank you! We Love it ❤️ Madonna & New York are a magic combination

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