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  1. 10 minutes ago, jamesshot said:

    I do think Madonna needs to be more understanding of repetitive questions. She is the most famous woman in the world. She gets asked a lot of the same questions and, no doubt, it frustrates her but she could show more grace to them. Her obvious annoyance to these questions is a turn off for many and she needs to be more aware. She is intimidating and some just ask stupid questions they think are relevant. 

     I agree that she should maybe try a little harder to pretend not to be annoyed, even though I really understand her and as a fan I'm bored to death by most of her interviews lately (and it's not her fault)

    In this case though it wasn't just your casual 3 minute interview on the red carpet, this was clearly planned way ahead, she mentioned months, and it was clearly meant to be focused on her work, her music and creative process. And the journalist being a woman should have meant the word SIXTY not to be mentioned anywhere. 

    I guess she's feeling betrayed, and I don't blame her honestly.

  2. I understand her frustration,her interviews in recent years have been a constant repeat of the same dumb questions over and over again (those God awful radio "interviews" from a few days ago are a perfect example)

    I think this time with the NYT she really wanted total focus on the record and her work, instead of other aspects that nobody really gives a damn about hence why she gave the journalist total access to her creative process. And I wouldn't be surprised if that was the agreement, although the result is quite "disappointing".  Her reaction might seem a bit too much if you consider just this one interview, but if you think about the fact that she's been working her ass off for creating an interesting musical project but all these journalists seem to focus on is her age, her being a mother and still working, as if there was no interest at all in her art, must be incredibly irritating.

    And it's been going on for years, remember at the MDNA tour premiere where she snapped at that dumb girl asking AGAIN about her exercise routine on tour or when she started every RH promo interview saying that if the journalist asked dumb questions they would have to drink tequila shots.... no wonder she doesn't like to do interviews and promo anymore, I wouldn't either!!

  3. 6 hours ago, LHakaLH said:

    How do you think the package for MX will be?  We know of the deluxe boxset, but what about the CD release(s)? Will it be a good ol fashion jewel case, a digipack/digibook or worse..a slipcase? :nervous: I think it will go like this:

    1 CD standard edition (target/japanese) bonus tracks - jewelcase

    2 CD deluxe edition - digipack, but hopefully I'm wrong and it'll be a beautiful 2-disc jewelcase

    What do you think?


    OOT. This should've been the cover for all editions:



    I've always preferred digipack over the jewel case 

    my guess is all jewel case and 2cd digipack

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