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  1. 4 minutes ago, Wunderkind said:

    The fact that a the age of 60, with her 14th album, 36 years into her career, she is giving us her what is shaping up to be her most diverse, bold and unique album is just mind blowing. Pop, Reggae, Disco, Trap, House, Latin, R&B, Ballads, Nutcracker sample and god know what else. Vocal styles that are completely new for her, song structures that go off the beaten path, production from minimalist to completely overboard. Nobody even comes close! Friday should be a worldwide holiday to celebrate her brilliance!


    she still has so much creativity and inventiveness within her, it's unbelivable

  2. 17 minutes ago, elijah said:

    Well, I was unsure if a Mirwais/M collaboration is a good idea and so far theirs are the very obvious stand out tracks. Even only for IDSIF their collaboration WAS NEEDED. And God Control. I am absolutely impressed by Mirwais/Madonna collaboration. I think if they wanted, they could have done an album similar to COADF and dare I say, even stronger :).


    the great thing about Mirwais is that he's able to give her a wide range of styles and moods so she doesn't have to work with too many collaborators and thus have the album feel disjointed and all over the place

    he manages to keep a common thread throughout all these moods and rythms, it's a journey and I'm loving every second of it

    I'm blown away

  3. 6 hours ago, metalissimo said:

    You have to stream the songs from Madame X on June 14-20 to be counted on first week equivalent album units. 

    From June 14-20, we'll have to work Hard, stream Madame X a lot, as many as we can, everyday to make Madame X debuts at no.1 on Billboard 200 albums chart and become her 9th no 1 album. 

    We don't want Bruce Springsteen Western Stars hold off Madame X at no 2, do we? 

    this MX soldier is ready for duty

    I will stream the s out of it

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