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  1. 1 hour ago, Iconic Fetus said:

    Oh sorry, I thought that XO and I Rinse were the deluxe tracks, well maybe it can be the 2nd after all.

    Let’s see how Medellin’s audio video stands against the last releases of her contemporaries:

    -Mariah’s GTFO out since October/2018: 8.3M views

    -Jlo’s Medicine out one week ago: 13M views

    -Janet’s Made for now out since September/2018: 61M views

    -Xtina f/Demi’s Fall in Line out in May/2018: 36M views

    -Kylie f/ Gente de Zona ‘Stop me from falling’ out one year ago: 14M views

    So far I guess for 2 days she’s great and that’s not even the main video, keep streaming on Spotify!!! 

    You are comparing them to the music videos though. Madonna's is just the audio. If you compare it to the audio from those songs you can see just how well it's doing. Example:

    Mariah's GTFO 152K (out 5 months ago)

    Jlo Medicine 2Mil (out two weeks ago)

  2. 10 minutes ago, Kim said:

    It doesn't really matter. BBC is a publicly funded state broadcaster with a remit to provide for every demographic. Radio 2 listeners will be curious/interested in Madonna's latest material and they have a duty to cover it. If not, there's something going on. I mean just look at half the joke acts on that playlist above.

    Yes it's bizarre...which I was wondering if the song being in Spanish had anything to do with it 🤷‍♂️

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