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  1. I guess the reason I'm not as affected by the bashing is that I already accepted a long time ago that most people aren't going to like her. Ironically that makes me like her even more...lol. Those are always the artists I prefer anyway. And I completely ignore twitter or whatever. Those people are outraged by a different thing every day.

    Was it her best performance? No. But I would take this over some overly campy stereotypically gay bullshit performance ANY DAY. I loved the gas masks, the video backdrop, the flags, the overall message...

  2. I liked it too and was baffled by the reactions in here lol. Even during LAP, I thought she sounded good except for one part.

    I will say that people need to calm down with all the gloom and doom just because this performance wont be received well. Remember Mariah's new years performance? Maroon 5's Super Bowl? Those were received even worse and meme'd into oblivion and people forgot about them in a week. At least there was nothing in this performance that will turn into a stupid meme.

  3. Just now, Nikki said:

    Im so confused.. maybe it's the sound system of my cousin where I was watching her baby, but I was SO RELIEVED at first when I heard her sing LAP thinking it was wonderful.. then I chatted a little with my cousin and I guess missed the weak parts? I was literally telling my cousin how relieved I was cuz she sounded good and then I go online and hear the opposite?

    Same...I did not think it was that bad at all

  4. I'm surprised people think the vocals were so bad. I thought she sounded flat in a couple of parts but that's about it.

    I completely ignore social media when it comes to Madonna because even if it's good she will get bashed. I don't know why the fans are so obsessed with it, or with what people think. It doesn't matter in the end and they will move on to bashing something else tomorrow. It's a stupid cycle.

  5. I was terrified when she was going down the stairs lol

    Great performance though. The reveal of the costume was amazing, and the dancing during Future too. Just wish they'd turn down the vocal effects a little bit during Future.

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