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  1. Trump supporters would walk through a hurricane to vote for him. The 65+ year old crowd votes in record numbers.ย A lot of the people who would help Hillary in an election like the 18-25 crowd and Latino voters tend to vote in very low numbers.

    In a way I think the polls being soย close can be a good thing, hopefully it gets moreย people off their ass and out to vote out of fear of trump.

  2. How can you possibly compare the two...

    Making fun of her health when she's clearly normal is stupid, but she looks like she's aged 20 years in the last 8


    She looks really tired and exhausted lately. And this isn't me looking for a bad picture. I googled "Hillary Clinton 2008 vs 2016" and this is the first thing that came up.

    8 years is a long time. Look at Obama:


    Not everyone can be Madonna :lmao:

  3. I'm so glad that he's doubling down on his craziness. He can say goodbye to the moderate voters.

    His base is passionate, loud, and every single one of them will vote but they aren't anywhere near enough to win the presidency. What sucks is that when he loses he'll say it was rigged, and all of his cult members will continue foaming at the mouth. More racism, lies, violence...The country will be more divided than ever.

  4. Really? 7%?

    Most polls I have seen have him polling at 1% with black voters. :lol: A few days ago a poll also came out where black people were asked if they have a positive view of Trump. Most said no. A few percentage points said they don't know (I guess these people don't know what the hell is going on) and he got 0% when it came to them having a positive view of him. :lol:

    I used the poll that gave him the highest odds :chuckle:

    There was also a recent poll that showed that black/latino voters would prefer bubonic plague over Trump.

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