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  1. What people are also forgetting is that Trump has zero ground game at this point and has had very little throughout the entire campaign. He had one office in Florida and Hillary has FIFTY. If you look at the numbers of Republicans vs. Democrats who have registered to vote, it's actually kind of shocking how many more Democrats have registered. If he would have bothered to register his cult, he could have won with just the white vote. It's too late now. She's also been running way more ads...

    This is one of the reasons he seemingly has so much support on social media - the campaign has relied almost exclusively on social media and rallies. Don't even get me started on the Russian clickbots and all that shit that he uses to inflate his numbers.

    Campaign money:

    Clinton: $516 Million

    Trump: $168 Million

  2. 1 hour ago, KalamazooJay said:

    My fear is that he'll drop some kind of bomb on live television and throw her off her game.

    Pretty sure he thinks that the "bomb" will be bringing up Bill's infidelity and how Hillary treated his mistresses. She has probably rehearsed the answer to this hundreds of times.

    I was nervous about the first debate because I thought all he had to do was act sane and somewhat knowledgeable and he would be declared the winner. He lasted for 5 minutes before going off the rails.

  3. 27 minutes ago, Sloane said:

    Look, I know there's big problems with Trump. When that shit went down with Rosie I was on her side. His comments about his daughter are creepy. Owning the Miss Universe pageant is inherently sexist (which is why that contestant blabbering on how hurt she was Trump made comments about her weight gain fell on my deaf ears. She signed up to be objectified and got objectified. What a shock! Plus, what the hell, even Mr. Universe has to maintain his physique it's in the frickin contract). Further, I can understand why many LGBQT people don't like him which is why I dont try to convince you to like this guy. 

    Being told to stay in shape is one thing, being called Ms. Piggy and Ms. Housekeeping and being forced to workout in front of reporters is another. It's also not just this event in itself, but a pattern of disrespect that he's shown to women and minorities, that made Machado's words important. She gave a face to his discrimination.

    29 minutes ago, Sloane said:

    It's the fact how you carry on and cheerlead for Hillary that's so damn disturbing. Fast forward to a year from now after she wins and it's back to the old grind of bitching how awful America is and WHEN WILL THINGS CHANGE.

    No one here is treating her like she's going to magically solve all of the country's problems, but we're left with two choices and she's the one I'm choosing. I like a lot of her policies. I also want a democratic senate and a liberal supreme court. That will be a huge step in the right direction.

    39 minutes ago, Sloane said:

    Meanwhile, you had half the country trying to do exactly that and you all had a rip-roaring good time dismissing anything we had to say. You let the media manipulate you so hard. No you haven't been trumped but you've been PUNKED. I can't believe after all the fervor about a movement, be it Bernie or Trump, we're gonna end up back with this Bush Clinton Bush Clinton crap. She's a creep just as much as he is!

    Who is "we"? I voted for Bernie. He lost by nearly 4 million votes. Thanks for assuming we're all stupid and just being led by the media instead of coming to our own realizations, though.

    41 minutes ago, Sloane said:

    No one with a working brain cell will ever run for the American presidency. Who wants to get run through the media shredder like this and be laughed at and ridiculed? The extent the media and anti Trumpers went after this guy is dangerous. 

    He's getting ridiculed because he's a ridiculous candidate.

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