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  1. This is the part that really scared me:


    American intelligence officials know Russia used cyberattacks and misinformation to interfere with recent elections in Western Europe, including the German elections last month that resulted in victories for right-wing populists, and the United Kingdom’s vote in June on Brexit, a referendum that called for Britain to leave the European Union.


  2. Hillary is trending back up in the tracking polls you guys were freaking out about.

    All of this Russia meddling is terrifying and goes way beyond Trump. The alt right is being completely manipulated by Putin. Russia has enough man power and tech savvy to spread misinformation at a rate that we've never experienced before. It's not going to stop after the election is over.

  3. The Eichenwald story will be about Trump's ties to Russia. Apparently the Russian government is using him as a tool to disrupt American politics. They were behind the hacks. They thought he was going to be replaced during the whole Khan debacle so they briefly stopped helping him until it was clear he wouldn't be replaced. There's also stuff about foreign governments in NATO countries running counter-intelligence on Trump.

    Those are the facts. The speculation is that either the Russians or one of the counter-intelligence agencies have something damning on Trump. Who knows whether or not we'll ever get to see it.

    A huge story that will get zero media coverage.

    But on the plus side, Beyonce is going to be campaigning for Hillary in OH. :naughty:

  4. Anyway the only other thing that's been going around as an oppo possibility is an NDA signed by a woman who had an abortion after Trump got her pregnant. Should be huge news considering his views on abortion, but even if it's true, I doubt it'll even be a blip on his radar. I don't think anything will gain traction unless it's video or audio at this point.

  5. 4 hours ago, Ivy said:

    All you whining bitches moaning about the media and journalism, are probably the same people who watch reality tv shows like Kardashians and those stupid fucking housewives of Kentucky and Florida, instead of a David Attenborough documentary.


    Face facts, we live in a society that cherishes dumbness ( reality tv, Kylie, Britney, gaga, big W,  housewive shows etc ) and now you want journalists to report intelligent and honest news. What's the point. Hilary and Trump appeal to the lowest common denominators in society, so the media are just doing their job!!! 


    When America wants news with integrity and honesty, employ 2 presidential candidates who are not dickheads..? 


  6. The press conference was cancelled because of death threats. I guess she's afraid for her safety which is understandable. If you read the details of the case, it's pretty terrible. Apparently Trump raped and abused her at one of Jeffrey Epstein's parties and she has two witnesses to corroborate her story.

    Anyway, it seems as though 538 is really risking their reputation on this election. I know that their model is more volatile than others, but I also feel they're overcompensating for how badly they were burned in the primaries.


  7. 2 hours ago, FreeMySoul said:

    I read that if Hillary wins Pennsylvania then he doesn't have a chance

    lets hope that article is right

    If she wins PA, he can only win by sweeping all the other swing states.

    Anyway a new poll of early voters coming out of Florida looks VERY good for Hillary, she's up by 8 points. She wont win it by such a large margin but it's still a little encouraging.

  8. NYT Upshot Has her at a 90% chance. Princeton Election Consortium has her at 97%. 538 is the more conservative of the models and it still has her at a sizable lead. At this point in 2012, Romney and Obama were tied, and Romney had been leading on and off for a long time. Trump has only been ahead once in their model and that was because of the post-convention bump.

    Of course she is pushing hard in Florida, it's a really important state that is almost always won by narrow margins.

    Obviously not saying he can't win, but some of you are acting like the sky is falling,

  9. New info coming out that Comey was withholding information about the Russians meddling with the U.S. election because he thought it would influence the election to reveal the news so soon...but he was fine with telling people about the Clinton e-mails a week before voting. It seems like there's a mutiny going on in the FBI right now. It's pretty nuts.

  10. 12 minutes ago, Ciccone's Cheeks said:

    Unless 'Stonger 2gether' which only gets old woman Golden Girl/Boca Raton Florida woman  tingly and inspired lol starts realizing theyre dealing w/ basically Russian thugs here um..8 days out :/ still think he has a shot! Even theres awful oppo coming, will look too calculated at this point vs doing it almost weekly like the Trump campaign who were NOT playing. They're gutter rats and Clintons campaign has been in a constant arrogant/entitled complacent fog.

    You keep saying they're complacent and arrogant. How? They've been out rallying and telling people to vote without stopping. What else is she supposed to do? If they have something on him, they will release it.

    Of course he has a shot, but he has to get every swing state to win. The odds are stacked against him. Some polling aggregates like PEC have her at a 95%+ chance of winning. The real worry is the senate at this point. Hillary as the president with a republican senate would be disastrous.

  11. Eh, honestly I think that the story is fizzling out fast enough to not cause as much harm as it could have. By tonight the headlines will be significantly different.

    What happened was that Comey sent the letter about looking into some emails and then frog-faced dumbass Jason Chaffetz sent out a tweet saying the investigation was being re-opened and the media ran with it. I agree it's reprehensible.

  12. 9 minutes ago, Ciccone's Cheeks said:

    Yep. Totally insane. She may be cooked. If so, the Dems deserve to lose bad when they had plenty of time to dump her. All the FBI/GOP has to do now is NOT say 'what' they're looking at for the next 11 days :#

    Lol, this may cause some of her numbers to go down but she isn't "cooked" unless they find something damaging. The FBI said the investigation will be finished in 2 or 3 days.

    Here's the thing: I really don't think that the people voting for her give a shit about emails anymore.

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