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  1. Love the Witchdonna idea but I want it with dark hair and NO black clothing...more on the mystical and surrealistic side. Like a darker version of Bedtime Story. The music would have lush strings, trip hop beats, dark synths, old strange instruments, while still being catchy and melodic. You rarely see dance music being done with unconventional instruments.

    The lyrics could explore mortality, lost love, rebirth, etc.

    Would love for the visuals to be inspired by female surrealists like Remedios Varo and Frida Kahlo. I want her to find some director that is completely outside of her comfort zone.




    All of this and we're probably gonna get "Black Magic" ft Cardi B. produced by Diplo :lmao:

  2. 4 hours ago, jamesshot said:

    The Dems will have plenty of good people step up. Honestly, Joe Biden is looking good against Trump (or Pence). Many others are willing to step up like Billionaire Tom Steyer or Oprah. I truly think he would not know what to do against Oprah. She can handle him in her sleep. She checks all the boxes (self made, charismatic, beloved, celebrity) and by 2020, if he lasts past this year, people will want a different kind of celebrity and entertainment. People are sick of the constant Trump ego explosions every day. Esp if the GOP gets wiped out in the midterms.

    Oprah would be a disaster. It would be Hillary 2.0

  3. I could understand people being sick of the media coverage and CNN is shit but it's also difficult when you have someone like Trump who is so horrible, lies several times a day, breaks the law without repercussions, etc.


    I mean it's not like they can just ignore it. There just needs to be more substance and less "OMG TRUMP SAID WHAT??".

  4. On 3/28/2018 at 4:16 PM, Jazzy Jan said:

    Thing is,  as tacky and cringe as the details of his affair with Stormy Daniels are,  they both consented to the affair and in the world of politicians it is what goes on.  I know enough about politicians in Canberra to know that they all get up to stuff like this.   The media concentrating on something that people just shrug off is giving Trump what he wants.  People should be outraged at everything he is doing to the country itself and his lying, dirty tactics and policies.  Instead,  we are being distracted by pointless stuff. 


    The thing is...the Stormy Daniels affair could violate several laws because he paid her off. That's the real story, not the actual sex part. If it was any other politician it would have been grounds for impeachment.


    Can you imagine if Obama had even been PICTURED with a porn star? It would have been a career-ending scandal. But that's the thing about Trump. There's so much horrible stuff that it's overwhelming.

  5. On 3/14/2018 at 2:29 PM, KalamazooJay said:


    For what it's worth, this Dem (who's cute in a wonky, nerdy way) won in a district that Trump carried by over 20 points in 2016. Pair this with the Alabama election last December and the fact that Dem's have won in all sorts of state and local elections, and you may have quite the wave building for the mid terms this November. 

    Trump shot his whole load on this PA race. Campaigned there, sent his creepy, chinless kids there, and even the The Crypt Keeper herself, KellyAnne Conway. So the fact they lost this is a pretty big deal. 

    They also spent 10 million dollars even though the seat will expire in 5 months.

    It's absolutely embarrassing and ominous for them, without a doubt.

  6. Do you guys remember when Columbine happened? It felt like the whole world stopped and people didn't stop talking about it for years. Now a mass shooting happens and the next day we're back to normal. It's crazy.

    The sad part is that it feels like it's only going to get worse. Gun reform and a ban on assault rifles is a step in the right direction, but technology already exists where people can 3D print their own guns and ammo, circumventing any gun laws anyway. It's only going to get worse as the technology to do it gets cheaper.


  7. 13 minutes ago, Skin said:

    They were talking about one county in Alabama where Trump won by 90%.  I was like fuck.  Could you imagine living in an area where 9 out of 10 people voted for Trump!?  They would have to lock me up in a padded cell. 


    I mean I live in the most republican county in a very blue state New Jersey and Trump won my county by about 65%.  Being around that many crazy people drives me mental!!!  But 90%!?   And the Republicans here arent like the southern ones.  The Republicans here are just racist.  The ones in Alabama are racist AND Bibl e thumpers. Lol. 

    I don't know how I'd survive in a place like that.

    Trump got literally 5% of the vote in the neighborhood I live in and I'm still annoyed as hell. :rotfl:

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