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  1. 59 minutes ago, Nikki said:

    the right are pretty sensible compared to the new fascists of the alt left of today

    If you think this you haven't seen what the right has to say about her. Calling her a devil worshipper, sending death threats, etc.

    SJWs are annoying but you people are reaching.

  2. Why are all of you pretending like people hating Madonna is a new thing?

    She received the same kind of criticism for the AL video. Those people were never going to buy her album anyway and I even doubt that most people remember any of her WH comments.

  3. I have been so broken up about these kids. I almost burst into tears looking at the photos.

    Trump's EO will not reunite families because keeping them together for more than 20 days is a violation of the Flores Agreement. So it has to be superseded by the DHS or a law has to be passed by congress. There are not enough judges to process them in 20 days.

    Unfortunately if this happens and they are reunited, it means that kids will be with their families but jailed for an indefinite amount of time. And the jails will no longer have to be kept to certain standards.

    It's a huge, huge mess. Years and years of messy immigration laws have led to this.

  4. 29 minutes ago, iasonas said:

    That special bond and hard work of thousands of people behind the scenes around the world to promote her music was lost.

    People underestimate how important this is. It means everything.

    A lot of so-called "viral" trends and songs are actually the work of countless people working behind the scenes.

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