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  1. 2 minutes ago, VogueMusic said:

    I've waited a while...but now I can truly say how unbelievably fresh this first single is.

    What a wonderful, uplifting, catchy number to start the era (and open the album).  I'm quite surprised that I keep coming back to it. Incredible replay value that shows me something new every time I listen to it. Great production, beautifully clear vocals, that euphoric chorus, and a good length (with a structure that takes its time to build). Enjoyed it on first listen, but after a few repeats, it's clear how good this truly is. If only it could get its just due (and utterly puzzling how polarizing it is to the fanbase).

    Say what you want about Madonna, but she still knows (perhaps better than ever) what REAL quality pop music is supposed to be. Thank god for her.

    Completely agree👍👍

  2. Just now, Cesky said:

    Yeah, it certainly helps but doesn't mean she'll make the hot 100.

    Last week, she only had 1.5 days of the video but it got about 5.5m views in that time as the hype was high. It's now 15m, so it's gotten 9.5m this chart week (maybe it'll eek it out to 10m by midnight). Then the live performance has about 2m and will hopefully be at 2.5m by midnight. So combined, she's going up from 5.5m to 12.5m, which is great! But that still might not be enough. 

    BUT still enough to be optimistic👍👍

  3. 14 minutes ago, Bill said:

    I've been really depressed by chart performance so far.  I never want to get my hopes up anymore but it's baffling that this catchy song isn't even in the Hot 100 on Billboard or being played on the radio at all.  It's genuinely heartbreaking for me because I see how much work she's put into this.  I hope this performance makes a difference, but I see the bump on iTunes for all the other songs that were performed and most are much higher than Medellin.  Still hanging on to the hope that it catches on against all odds.  I hate to be negative, just a little sad this morning after that spectacular performance... I expected to see top 10 on iTunes at least.

    Don't feel bad Bill! There is lots of good news re. streams, views etc BUT most of all everyone is praising the performance! Give it a little more time😊😊

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