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  1. How come multiple locals and dates aren't filmed like the olden days? Blond Ambition in Japan, Italy, and France. Girlie Show in Japan and Australia.

    I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that Japanese TV may push for a live broadcast??

    Yes it's a long shot but still one can dream right??

  2. She will cut 10 songs


    Oh, i can't believe in 15 days I will be finally watching this concert. It shouldn't be allowed to put on sale tickets months in advance!

    I just hope she doesn't decide to sing Miles Away in Japan!! It really was big here but still...

  3. I would have screamed Angel, look of love.

    Her whole attitude this tour, how relaxed and giving she has been makes me think she might actually perform some old forgotten gems as long as she is in the mood and she remembers the lyrics!!

    Yes she refused to do TAB and BG but I still have hope as long as people keep requesting different songs...

  4. I wish the people in the audience had asked for another song.

    The first person requested LAP and she said no cos she had done it the other night and then the next person requested Frozen.

    It would've been interesting to see if she might actually have done a different song if asked...

  5. I still find Strange btw she will only make 2 show in Japan, which is really a huge market, and in a relatively small venue.

    I know...

    She has always performed in Osaka before and there is such a demand here as evidenced by how quickly tickets have sold!

    I guess they really wanted to concentrate on Australia this time??

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