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  1. I remember she was not too impressed when Steffi Graf married Andre Agassi (she had some pretty nasty things to say about him) and that pretty much showed me her true colours.

    24 grand slam singles titles or not bigots aren't welcome.

    And can I say how disappointing it is that Tennis Australia is not taking action. For them to separate her tennis achievements from her comments makes no sense to me whatsoever??

  2. It is not my place to tell Americans what to do and think but the gun culture makes no sense to me personally. I do understand that I live in an entirely different country with different ideas to guns ownership. . I don't know of anyone who owns a gun or even wants to. It is such a strange concept to even think that someone can want a gun unless they are a farmer. We have a very strict no gun policy in Australia that John Howard introduced after the Port Arthur massacre and the over whelming majority of people fully support. I always feel so numb and sad when I hear of mass shootings and can't see any reason for anyone to own high powered weapons.

    In Japan it is absolutely the same situation. No one here (excepting police and yakuza)has even seen a real gun let alone touched or fired one.

    People here don't know how to relate to what's happening in America because they absolutely cannot imagine a world with guns.

  3. I don't really care where it is filmed as long as it is not edited to pieces.

    Also I hope that they put all the UB videos on (especially the famous UBs) and all the extra songs that she has and will do!!

    If they do that then I will be happy

  4. I love the melancholy feel of the DWT performance quite different from the original pop recording. It did take me awhile to get used to but I would have to say that it's my favourite!!

    The backing vocals are amazing on the GS performance and they really add to the atmosphere but I'm not a fan of the short hair😝😝😝

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