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  1. Just now, RyanAnth4 said:

    Flip the switch and crystal coffin the biggest bullies in here.  I’ve already been called paranoid and ridiculous for mentioning that I hoped the recording of graham norton went down well. Look how that ended up. It seems there’s always a few longer termers on this forum that don’t like discussion or others having an opinion that differs from their own.

    Bat fan I find your posts always interesting and I agree I do think god control was ready way before now . 


  2. 2 minutes ago, runa said:

    It's in every thread. Wish he would get warned by mods...

    So I am disrupting every thread? Really? I can overreact sometimes but I never thought you let me bother you this much. And you guys want me banned and warned? For what? I never attack people and yet have had countless insults here, should those members not get warned by the mods? I have been bullied here for years and to be fair, I am not going to play total victim, I totally lost in my OCD with the Rebel Heart DVD and that has probably left a bad taste in your mouth, I can get that, I was super annoying, but I was never rude to other members. Tolerance is... rare.

  3. 1 minute ago, karbatal said:

    You are always bringing doubts, disrupting discussions... Frankly, I'm VERY tired of all that! 

    The thing with God Control was not doubt, I was speculating if there was a stragety change. I also repeatedly said this could be a hit while other members.. well.. Brought doubts. 

  4. 2 minutes ago, Shaun said:


    Why just No? You don't think this is the song that she wanted to do for eurovision and they didn't want because of contraversy? There are always changes in plans and you always want to just firmly believe things are all going as planned and maybe you are right, but I personally think this was intended as the first single and record company did not want it released as the intro to the album campaign.

  5. 28 minutes ago, eroticerotic said:

    Yes. I can def hear it as part of rush hour morning radio. Also something about it really reminds me of when I came to ny and lived there in 1984 - the song really captures that nyc vibe then for me

    Yes I agree. The video will of course be the album version, if not longer, but that radio edit is perfect for radio. Everyone that I play this too loves it so I refuse to believe radio won't play it

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