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  1. 10 minutes ago, acko said:

    Chile u need 2 stick 2 what u du best, make threads and posts about BAT dvd's. And possibly get fucked.

    So it it ok to post about her ass, her vocals and say she isnt moving put when I show concern about mental health for someone I adore, that just crosses the line and makes me mental? You guys are so unbelievable. If someone has depression it does not mean they are any lesser people, quite the opposite, and I said if. For gods sake.

  2. What is sad is this: Kylie is being a Barbie doll for old blindfolded gays who invest their great excedent pink money (cause they have nothing to spend their money so they feel safe to buy 40+ copies of her shit) She's just like any Disney princess doll that my sister has been buying to both produce smiles and cheers to my niece and to fullfill her childhood dreams that she wasn't able to achieve while our mom was alive. While Madonna is being Santa Evita of the Crybaby Outcasts, Kylie is the Disney Princess of Aged Queers with a lot of money to spend on shit. And especially because nowadays these are the only options to a aged female singer to last in the biz, Being Patty Hearst before or after the kidnapping. 

  3. 1 minute ago, MichaelDieker said:

    I... yea this thread sucks now, thanks bitches. Madonna is amazing and delivered a historic moment in her career performing at world pride for the 50th anniversary of the stonewall riots, with a set that spoke an imperative message and plea for our future while also celebrating and rejoicing in how far we have come. But shes also fat, depressed, wrecked with anxiety, oh and also a shit singer. Cool. Fuck. This. Thread.

    There is nothing wrong with suffering from depression and anxiety! Nothing

  4. I have resisted to post this because my opinions have proven wildly unpopular here but no feeling sorry for myself. Since RH I have suspected Madonna suffers from clinical depression and anxiety, never dared to say it because it would just be another batfan's annoying theory but fuck it. I am sure she has been suffering for some time, in fact she has many clinical signs, her posture, changed pattern of behavior, expressions and even hyperventilating in beginning of interviews, very obvious stage fright... I think she is taking antidepressives also which explain some weight changes, and nobody shame me here!!, I am not calling her fat, she looks perfect and oh so beautiful. When she said my medication hasn't kicked in yet, in an interview, she was joking, sort of.. maybe not totally. My opinion, and I actually know a bit what I am talking about this time. I just feel for her so bad. Society and many fans are horrible to her.

  5. 20 hours ago, GlamourKid said:

    As some fans have pointed out before, it gives us audience a much clearer picture of what’s going on behind the scene of producing this amazing album. Does anyone feels that 23min duration is a tad bit too short? Especially when a few of the (best) songs are not being mentioned. Hope we can see something like a full 90min of footages. Am I being greedy here? 😬😉😘

    I think it was filmed when Fanuna and Back that up were part of the album, and it may have cut that part out. Also I noticed she did not talk about Crave and LFM that were added in their place.

  6. I wonder how the video will effect the album charts in UK. It seems that fantastic video is getting very good responce in UK. I was hoping the song would be added to radio 2 but no. Yet they A list Kylie's shit of a song NYC. Oh well, maybe next wednesday they will add the song, given the huge positive reaction and attention the song is getting. If not... still her best effort in years. Amazing woman.

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