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  1. 6 hours ago, Kim said:

    I went off on my summer hols a few weeks ago and the place was jumping. Came back yesterday, only 6 weeks after the release of Madonna's latest album, and the place is dead.

    What gives? Is Madame X really THAT bad? :shock:


    You have been missing for much of the campaign, I know alot of users live for your posts, me included, it is no fun without you, no ass kissing here, it is the truth, you are the heart and soul of this forum and people probably less post because of your absense. 

  2. That I Rise remix seriously sucks, really, it is just totally uneventful and just a big nothing. And when the song is only "good" with great headphones, the song isn't that great. I hope she does something for God Control. Such a missed opportunity.

  3. As much as I love MX, and I really do, this release strategy has no focus. It's all over the place. Releasing remixes for one song on the same day as a video for another. They don't allow any one thing to gain momentum before jumping into the next. Madonna needs to get a more savvy team behind her. MX is her best music since forever and people dont know about it or are not interested due to poor promo and odd single choices, no and late remixes etc.

  4. It is a great song. Love the influences. Only complaint is that it gets a bit repeatative near the end with the choir singing come alive come alive to infinity. Every time I am thinking it is finished there comes more: come alive come alive... Forever. But yeah great song. The story behind the percussion was very interesting

  5. 2 hours ago, BitchImLoca said:

    worst song on the album. I guess its cute at a human sacrifice party

    It is the last song I got into but after that happened I couln't get enough of it. It is so different in structure to a pop song in general. I can see why people are having problem with it, but really it is one of the betters ones the album.

  6. On 6/25/2019 at 5:50 PM, Crystal Coffin said:

    @stevo208: "Funana" fits nicely between "Bitch I'm Loca" and "I Don't Search I Find". So yes, that's where I'm gonna locate the song. :smoke: "Back That Up" isn't needed at all. 

    So this is my Madame X

    01. "Medellín"
    02. "Dark Ballet"
    03. "God Control"
    04. "Future"
    05. "Batuka"
    06. "Killers Who Are Partying"
    07. "Crave"
    08. "Come Alive"
    09. "Extreme Occident"
    10. "Faz Gostoso"
    11. "Bitch I'm Loca"
    12. "Funana"
    13. "I Don't Search I Find"
    14. "Looking for Mercy"
    15. "I Rise"
    16. "Ciao Bella"

    No crazy is crazy 💿

  7. 32 minutes ago, Voguerista said:

    +1! Right on! I couldn't believe those comments either or the fact that someone tried to diagnose her with mental issues as if they know know her and spend time with her. please!! :rolleyes: Maybe do something on your own! 

    This thread was created to post only positive comments about her performance, I did that in hopes to cancel out what was said in other threads, but I have to say, when things like "mental" are thrown out it is indicating someone, like me, was calling her crazy. That is not the case obviously and I should have known better than to go down that road, but I did that only after several other members had mentioned it, yet I was the only one crusified. Maybe talking about mental health is seen as some sort of "diss" and disrespectful in some countries but were I come from it it no problem, mental health is like any other health discussion. Wondering if someone has anxiety is not calling someone crazy or being rude but please, lets never speak of Madonna' mental health again. 

  8. 8 minutes ago, Gaudet said:

    WHAT THE FUCK ARE SOME OF YOU ON? Maybe you are the ones in desperate need of proper medication.

    Madonna suffering from "anxiety"? Clinical depression?? Fat???!! Obese???!?!? Stiff???!?!??! Blaming "Portugal food and her kids"??????!!!!???



    Have a long hard look at yourselves in the mirror, before throwing your trolling stinky insecurities on Madonna.

    She gave a wonderful Pride performance, something that your mediocre eyes and ears will never be able to appreciate. Go stan for somebody else since you clearly cannot and won't appreciate Madonna ever, plenty of mediocre nobodies out there to cater for your bland tasteless senses.


    Are you talking to me because I thought she gave an amazing performance.

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