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  1. 2 minutes ago, Leebf said:

    I haven't stopped listening to it since it came out. I listen to it twice a day. Maybe its because im seeing her on 24 September but I'm not sick of it yet and never skip a song. But i do this to all her albums i play them non stop from moment they are released for years and years until i get over them. But i still revisit them agaian and again! #tragic #stan

    What pain you must have endured during the MDNA album era.

  2. 8 hours ago, M_Sinner said:

    1 God Control
    2 Ciao Bella
    3 Extreme Occident
    4 Faz Gostoso (feat. Anitta)
    5 Killers Who Are Partying
    6 I Don’t Search I Find
    7 Medellìn (Madonna & Maluma)
    8 Looking For Mercy
    9 Crazy
    10 Future (feat. Quavo)
    11 Batuka
    12 Dark Ballet
    13 Bitch I’m Loca (feat. Maluma)
    14 Crave (feat. Swae Lee)
    15 I Rise
    16 Come Alive
    17 Funana
    18 Back That Up to the Beat

    Good taste, I would just switch batuka with future

  3. 2 hours ago, jjbradleynyc said:

    Will there be official remixes to God Control?

    I think it would most certainly hit the top spot on the Billboard Dance Club Play chart, if released.

    It's an incredible song! 

    It has much better chance than I Rise, I dont know why they insist on I Rise being an anthem, it is an ok/good song with mostly terrible remixes. 

  4. 5 hours ago, Rugbyguy said:

    Dude, a lot of Madonna’s hardcore fans were disinterested in Hard Candy. She kind of has a point. It took me years to see the charm in HC and I’m as hardcore as you can get.

    I'm was just disappointed she said HC aged terribly as I think it has aged quite well compared to for example MDNA, and I am so tired of the concept "outdated". So when she reviews Bedtime stories she's gonna say it sounds so 90's and that True Blue sound so 80's?, those albums are children if their time.

  5. 3 hours ago, miki said:

    This supposed youtube reviewer named Ajayll apparently has the audacity to judge something which she clearly does not have the brain capacity to comprehend. I know I've said a lot on the matter, yet I feel very upset that she was recommended by a forum member and loved by another.  She is  like a BULL IN A CHINA SHOP. And she does have thousands of views. In the past we had to contend with some professional music critics' biased opinions. Now any idiot can post a youtube review. And the more stupid it is, the higher the views it gets. I know I can avoid her idiocy by not watching her. I did, until I got tricked by the forum member's Bat-Fan and imakicola . SHAME ON THE BOTH OF YOU. 

    I tricked you into watching her? Well I am sorry about that and I wasnt the first one to mention her nor did I recommend her, I said she was funny. I agree with you it is sad any idiot can rewiev any artist. But mostly I think these "listening and review" things in general are stupid as one needs to listen to the album more than ones to get it. And after her disinterest in Hard Candy I actually have no interest in watching her again, I thought her distaste for MDNA was appropriate, especially following her love for RH but after HC she irritated me to the point of no more.. 

  6. 19 minutes ago, imakicola said:


    There’s this hilarious girl on Youtube who is reviewing all of Madonna’s albums in reverse chronological order.

    She reviewed “Madame X” and while she liked some of the tracks, she didn’t like the album all that much. She just reviewed it for fun without wanting to review any more Madonna albums, but with the idea that she might try to do the top 5 fan favorites from her comments section. 

    Then she was watching TV and heard “Ray of Light” in the background of some TV show, and fell in LOVE with the song. So she decided to view more M albums, with the idea that she wants to do all fourteen but might only do the top five in her comments section if she isn’t happy with what she hears. 

    Then she reviewed “Rebel Heart,” and she fell in *LOVE* with the album. It was lovely to watch her get very excited about “Living for Love,” “Devil Pray,” “Ghosttown,” “Bitch I’m Madonna,” “Iconic,” “Hold Tight,” “Joan of Arc,” “Inside Out,” and “Wash All Over Me.” It actually made me miss “Rebel Heart,” which I haven’t listened to in several months.

    The next was “MDNA.” Ooh boy. She didn’t like that one very much.

    Then was “Hard Candy.” She didn’t like that one very much.

    Next is “Confessions on a Dance Floor,” which she hasn’t done yet but I am banking on her falling in LOVE with it. “American Life” will come next, and we all know it splits fans so I am excited to see how she feels about it. Then will come “Music,” and then “Ray of Light,” the title track of which, inspired her to review the rest of the M catalogue. I am excited to see what she has to say about all of these albums, not because her opinion is that amazing or important, but because it’s interesting seeing what it would be like to have a new friend and show them all of M’s music and hear what they have to say from fresh ears untouched by M.

    Her name on Youtube is AjayII. Personally I am glad she got MDNA and HC out of the way and still wants to continue, because for me those are the two albums that would be the least interesting to listen to in full for a casual listener, especially now that they are older albums.

    I saw the videos, she is hilarious and I agreed with what she said about MDNA, it really is TERRIBLE but she loved RH. Wished she would have liked MX more

  7. I listen to the album 1-2 times a day and never get tired of it. I could not do that with Rebel Heart even though I liked it. I put RH on yesterday just to rest MX but found my self a bit bored with a lot of the tracks, there is a certain "flatness" or serility to RH, wheres MX is so alive and screems freedom. RH is good but a bit unexciting at parts

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