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  1. 13 minutes ago, jonski43 said:

    When she appeared with the Gorillaz doing hung up, they were holograms she interacted with and that was 13 years ago.

    This is a new technology.. I post and article before..  This technology it called Mixed reality captured (is one year old)  and they explained they were pretty close to create super realistic hologram.. 

    "Ultimately, Microsoft wants to make 3D holograms look virtually indistinguishable from regular video. “That’s the goal, and we are pretty close to it"



  2. Of course is Madonna in both scene..  And by the way.. That night was freezen cold, Maluma spend the early morning in his trailer complaining that he was boring with no Wi-Fi and super tired while Madonna was dancing with the horse in the field.. She's such a pro.. Those dance moves are new that's all (you don't need to see a close up there) in the scene It is almost like she's going to lose her mind ,it's like she's trying to talk to the horse and explain something but she can't.. Is pure art.. I think is my favorite part of the video, such beauty and dramatic scene, like and old classic movie when the actress lose her mind (I love drama by the way) 😅





  3. I love the video,it has some nostalgia felling and full of meanings at least for me.. For example 

    When she's running into the dark I think  it represent her "reality" at some point of her live (maybe she felt lonely,depressed, lost or something,she's been hurt)  That's why the scene was filmed in the middle of the night and in black and white..  

    The colorful scene when she's on the table it represent her "fantasy" because when she's about to kiss Maluma the scene was cut drastically ..  She's back into that dark places, she's lying on the floor.. But them she's stand up (She decide to leave that dark place,she choice the fantasy,she choice the light)

    Them you see that scene with the horse..(I think the horse represent the love or things she loves the most)  she did everything to keeping it,she fight for it but at the end she's been left alone..

    But she's stand up, she decided to let it go, she choice to leave that dark place were she was, she's ok right now..  The end is truly amazing with the sunrise, as a new beginning  😭

    Sorry for my bad English.. 

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