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  1. 16 minutes ago, madmex said:

    Sorry but Maluma is bigger in youtube.   The video of Swae Lee with bigger views is  Unforgettable by French Montana ft. Swae Lee with 918 M.


    Chantaje by Maluma and Shakira = 2.3 billions!

    Vente pa'ca by Maluma and Ricky Martin = 1.5 billions!

    Felices los 4 by only Maluma = 1.4 billions!

    Corazon by Maluma = 1.3 billions!

    etc, etc

    And what about Spotify??  🤔

  2. 5 minutes ago, madmex said:

    Of course that was the original plan but not neccesarily Crave had to be the official second single.      About Medellín, I think they thought it would have a better performance in Youtube and Spotify because  Maluma is huge in streaming.  

    Swae Lee is bigger on streaming platforms  🙄

    Mavericks record's President already said it.. "This album is a journey, and I has chapters.. Medellin is the right place to star to telling the story " 

  3. 7 minutes ago, Geiger83 said:

    I am looking forward to listening to this song! Btw do you know where this gif comes from? Have you ever heard from "carreta furacao"? 😉

    I never heard of it..  But it think I saw "o trenzinho" eu acho que é a mesma coisa  😅🤔

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