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  1. 24 minutes ago, frzndrwnwrld said:

    It wasn't just Madonna's vocals, which were only a little shaky in the beginning. The overall audio was very low. You couldn't hear the choir. There was no bass in the music. That's Mike Dean's fault.

    Yes..  it sounds like a whole channel is missing, and you only hear the audio from her mic 

  2. 22 minutes ago, luizotaviobarros said:

    I’ve just watched an unfixed video and I got the impression that besides the karaoke-sounding arrangement, there was a mixing issue, too. It seems her voice either stood out too much or appeared drowned out. Did you guys feel the same way?

    Mike Dean is the man behind this mess, isn’t he? 

    Wonder if she’ll pick him as musical director for the tour 😞

    Yes..  Her voice volume level was too high.. If fells like the audio was only from her mic channel..  (The band, and chorus almost none existent)  something like the MDNA Tour DVD audio mixing  😅

  3. Just now, frzndrwnwrld said:

    They did a good job, whatever they did.

    I think the main problem yesterday was the mix himself..  Because if you can compared, her voice level was too high!!  The "band" and chorus almost none existent (she sounds almost acapella)..  I think they fix that  

  4. I wonder if they already filmed a music video for Future.. 

    Because they film God control (L. A Theater) in 2 days, Medellin 2 days, Crave 2 days..

    But Batuka 4 days 🤔 

    Now she post a pic from the church when she was filming Batuka with Emmanuel Adjei ..  







  5. 7 minutes ago, bitethebeat said:

    please dont be troll

    i just re read vogue interview

    she never said god control was drag queen video

    and never mentioned the drag queen video at all in interview

    where r u getting this info or are you just making itup?

    I'm sorry my English is terrible..  So is very hard sometimes explain things right..  I didn't wanna say " she mentioned the drag queen in that interview"

    I mentioned because she filmed a music video in L.A on February 28 ( she even post a video on her IG story and telling she's going to film a music video) She post one pic on her IG.. 

    Them there was a fight between drags Queen (I don't remember who are they, because one of them cancelled a show to film the music video with M)  and another person post one pic from outside the theater, and describe the scene.. People in 70s disco outfit in line outside the theater.. And describe the video and song as political and controversial.. (So every one asume it was Killers)  

    In the VOGUE interview she mentioned "Got control " and the lyrics..  And is the same as the theater..  





  6. 16 minutes ago, karbatal said:

    I didn't know that there was a video already filmed for God Control and Batuka? 

    The video she filmed in L.A with drags it's "God control "(not killer as every one expected)   She mentioned in the VOGUE magazine interview..  Is a political song about gun control.   They even mention the lyrics "We lost gun control, this is your call..  We need to wake up " 

    And she spend 4 days filming "Batuka" in Portugal with Emmanuel Adjei.. They also mentioned some lyrics in the VOGUE magazine.. "There's a storm ahead, I hear the wind blowing" 




  7. 1 hour ago, karbatal said:

    Yeah, I still can't comprehend how people think this is a change of planning when Crave was planned since the early beginning and we knew exactly the names of the songs she was going to release. We even knew that they decided to go for Medellin instead of Crave because it presented Madame X better into the story. 

    And we know they planned to film the music video for Medellin since October of 2018.. When they send the recuest with the scrip to the Sintra's council :rolleyes:

    But now people are saying that everything looks Rush, Rush..  To me looks like they're following they're original plan, and they filmed the videos by schedules (maybe because the directors were busy in another project and she film those videos in non chronological order..

    For example when she filmed  "God control" in L. A Diana Kunst was busy with James Blake music's video) that's why she didn't film "Medellin" first 

    Them she filmed "Medellin" in Portugal with Dianna.. 

    And then "Batuka" with Emanuel (because she was in Portugal already dahh) 

    And then they filmed "Crave" in NY last week.. But they already know is going to be the second single long ago 

    Just because you didn't like the song and because it's a low budget music video it doesn't mean that everything has changed now..  🙄

  8. Why people have to think too literaly?  I think it was pretty clear the concept of Madame X..  She's a cha cha cha instructor, a mother, a hore, a singer.. She could be anyone of them..  For some reason they decided to give her an "X" and the eyepatch for the look of Madame X 🙄 

    That's why you will see it in Medellin on the cha cha cha instructor, on the bride, in the roof of NY in Crave, and probably in the others videos.. 

    Because Madame X is every one of them..  Is a simbol!!  


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