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  1. Is kevin sampio on his instagram riding madonna toy she bought him it looks like her home in the Hamptons is he living with her hope he treats her kids great . madonna love her 4 children they are her world
  2. I watched madonna and guy show on YouTube about break up. Iam so glad she got rid of him he tied her down to being English boring housewife. When he blamed her for movie swept away flopped he did commercial to make an ass out of her .she did confession album tour was sexiest and hott.he hated her not being doting English housewife. Marriage was bad she wanted out in show he hated idea of adoption of David and finally madonna in 2008 got friendly with A - Rod iam never want a man to make her feel unloved and not wanted.guy richie wedding and sherlock holmes movie were paid for by madonna divorce settlement he forever should be kissing madonna ass.p.s. I love gang bang song what madonna feels about that douchebag.
  3. Sharon Osborne is wrinkled up botexed old hag jealous of madonna her husband is digusting biting bat heads she a hypercrite cunt
  4. Fat ulgyass black bitch and Sharon Osborne who botoxed to death. Sharon is jealous old hag bitch her husband bit bats head off. madonna is so relevant they are talking about her all the time.these wrinkled up old hags are talking about tour. I LOVE STRIPPERS NUNS CONTERVERSY MADONNA REBEL HEART TOUR ROCKS!!!!!!!
  5. Awesomeness he's a girl drake I kissed a girl
  6. Her voice is beautiful she sounds like Karen carpenter it's my favorite ballad and messiah
  7. Ghosttown is BEUATIFUL song video is amazing madonna is so sexy and her mom's pic and Lourdes pic it's later on will be classic madonna video it's better than I remember or this used to be my playground I love both those songs
  8. Ali Papi Si cut my wrist if I have to listen toilet swift my 12 year old and 8 nieces love her have to listen to that digusting album 1989 endlessly when iam around them they think she is the biggest superstar ever they don't know madonna so sad and depressing madonna is my inspiration her music is best ever.
  9. BOTH LOVE BREATHLESS SO BEUATIFUL AND EXPRESS YOURSELF . I remember that interview I was falling in love with her music deeper and deeper.
  10. And janitorial boob plopping out at superbowl was classy roflmao. At least madonna was classic superstar at her 2012 superbowl
  11. I love madonna bitching at pooriah and janitorial they are egotistical no talent bitches mariah carey whole career is 18 numbers ones who gives a flying fuck Rihanna or Taylor Swift will put that to rest in few years pooriah can sing like a screeching owl but no dance talent and people say about madonna age appropriate dressing mariah carey been wearing same tight fitting dresses since 1983-2015 looks ridiculous
  13. ITS ALL OUTAKES video of vogue using color filters and flashes she looks amazing not just 15 second clip whole video.
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