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  1. Does anyone know what Hoopla Digital is? It's a free music service offered by libraries in the US and Canada. Everytime someone borrows an item it costs around $2.

    Anyway, MX is featured as a new release and is currently #10 on the chart. Not sure if this contributes to any Billboard chart but at least it generates revenue for MX so Mercy can keep getting those expensive¬†piano lessons lol¬†ūüėÖ


  2. Wow, wow, WOW. This album is amazing. I was a Madame X virgin, didn't really listen to the singles besides watching Dark Ballet, Medellín and the Eurovision videos a few times. I'm glad I waited. It's a great album experience. 

    I'm so glad Madonna is still experimenting with her music. How exciting is it to be a Madonna fan?!

    I will be listening all day at work! My co-workers better not bother me today! 

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