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  1. 16 hours ago, horn said:

    Did you get yours from Amazon? You can always request a replacement with no cost and yet you get to keep your existing copy. :horn: 

    Please ensure you take a picture of the defects before filing the complaints.

    I had bought STR LP from Amazon but has creased on the LP cover. I filed a complaint and they sent me a replacement but still have creased on it. Then I filed another complaint and they finally sent me a flawless LP. In short, I got 3 STR LP for the price of one.

    Unfortunately sellers via eBay. I'm always the type to look for dents & creases on my physical products and bitch about it :lol: I'm cool with the vinyl now. Have it decorated on my shelf along with the cassette and sealed Target CD. The upper corner vinyl cover is so dark that is hard to see crease unless you look at it closely.

  2. 3 hours ago, burning_up said:

    Sorry if this has been discussed already, but do all the vinyl copies of the album state that Future is on side A on the sleeve when in fact it plays on side B? I bought my copy in Canada and was wondering if this mistake is on every LP. 

    My vinyl has Future on side A according to the back cover. Given, I haven't opened the vinyl and played it.

  3. What I got so far in the Madame X saga

    Standard (Walmart)

    Deluxe (Target - bought 2 copies keeping 1 sealed and 1 open)

    Super Deluxe (Japan - but buying another copy to replace dents & creases on mini book)

    Black Double Vinyl (deep crease on the upper corner of vinyl cover but not bothered by that)

    Black Cassette

    So much for my goal of only buying 3 copies of each.




  4. 18 minutes ago, Jeby said:

    Their joy is hindered by the number one in the US which everyone knows for whatever reason rightly or wrongly is a bigger achievement. I assure you Springsteen would have preferred the US crown. Also, Madonna is no stranger to number two albums. The fact that at 60 getting a number two album for her is seen as something for haters to celerate over is proof that her benchmark is unlike any other.

    At least we can celebrate a U.S. #1 album in this day & age of streaming.

  5. 23 hours ago, Kim said:

    Too late.

    The galling thing is that her BIG Euro music career could have continued for 5-10 years. It was cut short prematurely, and that's annoying.



    22 hours ago, Jitterbug said:

    Madonna is still massive in the UK. Over 60 million people in the UK bought multiple formats of Madame X. Her new songs is all over BBC Radio 1 and on every street corner. There's people lining up in UK shops to buy Madame X. Madonna has over 60 million fans in the Uk. UK is Madonnamania. It should be against the law to not like her

    Another #2 album for the Queen in the end.....

  6. 1 hour ago, possiblymaybe98 said:

    She looks awesome and she will always look good because she’s a beautiful woman BUT I don’t understand why she avoids having long, straight hair so much and neutral makeup😭 it literally makes her look 28. The Met Gala 2015 look was everything. Still, she looks great no matter what but if we got more of the long straight hair look it would be peerfect. 

    She's very fond of the 'play it safe' Rita Hayworth hair or the low level twisted Princess Leia buns.

  7. 1 hour ago, Ugly Hecty said:

    Won't this be a record for videos in any Madonna era too? 7?



    Dark Ballet

    I Rise

    God Control


    And possibly Faz Gostoso, she's giving us everything we want and more!

    Yes this is a record. Erotica came close with 6 music videos. Ray of Light had 5.

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