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  1. 7 minutes ago, miki said:

    At first I took the critic’s consistent use of the word‘ weird’or ‘bizarre’ to describe MADAMEX  as a compliment.  That was before I listened to the album.Now I find thesewords they used were inappropriate if not outright vulgar.

    What exactly is weird? Is it her stating ‘she can dress like a boy’, is it the sound of Batuka, is it her commiserating with the downtrodden, is it her use of technology, is it her singing in Spanish and Portuguese, is it her collaborating with young artists, is it her singing about gun control, is it her assuming different accents and mannerisms in the her singing, is it her outstanding creativity?

    Are any of the above things weird? Would they consider them weird if someone else did them? Is it weird cause she’s white?  Is it weird cause they didn’t think she was talentedenough?

    Ironically I wouldn’t have minded it if you–fans used the same words to describe her album or even her, or even me for that matter.

    How would you like it, if you are called weird by the likes of such people?

    More importantly how does she still have faith in the goodness of humans?

    Only the truly great and brave are this optimistic.(So shouldn’t I likewise aspire to be just as hopeful and soldier on with optimism?I guess --Sorry for my bitchy post.)

    I think these reviewers heard Dark Ballet, realised there was no Hung Up and saw the eye-patch and it was too much for their tiny minds. 

  2. 13 hours ago, roma said:

    I now need an edit of I Rise to remove the distraction from a great track

    Oh god yes, it literally ruins the whole song! Before I even new who she was I hated that audio clip thing... its just sooooooooo irritating. If we're on the subject of tweaking the album;  I would definitely cut Quavo off of Future too, it'd be so much better without him - he was boring as fuck to watch on Eurovision, he sounds bored as fuck on the song. Cut Quavo and cut I Rise screaming girl!

  3. 30 minutes ago, Frozenpower said:

    Sad. It is an excellent album. I really want it to be recognized. I hope we get surprised.

    Madonna isn’t cool, young or generic enough (I obvs think she’s cool!). I bet they don’t even nominate her.

    There seem to be more artists boycotting the Grammys each year, like Frank Ocean etc, because they are pretty meaningless these days and only recognise popularity over creativity.  

  4. 11 hours ago, tasteinmen said:

    Funny how, if the album was released this week, it would have been number 1. But oh well, I'm past caring, the album is great, she got a US number 1, we've got a tour to look forward to so, yeah.

    Couldn't agree more, chart positions are pretty meaningless these days and are definitely no indicator of quality. 

    I think Madonna is ‘too Madonna’ for the older listener and not cool enough for the younger audience. She is stuck in between and it’s mostly only her core fanbase that care these days and I think that’s kinda cool. I bet there is nothing as creative and exciting as Dark Ballet or God Control on any album in that top 10. Let the general public keep their bland Ed Sheeran and clones music 🤷‍♂️ They’re the ones missing out. 

  5. 5 hours ago, Lolasmommy said:

    Medellín was a good choice as 1st single it had broad worldwide appeal...

    FG can still be a hit - it’s “winter” in the Southern Hemisphere now so a video in August could still arrive in time for both Northern summer and southern summer...

    lastly, to all the crackheads who were moaning about Anita featuring on this album way back in 2018 Cz of her views etc u all seem to have shut the fuck up now! Our Qween knows best!

    I missed that... what supposedly are her views? 

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