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  1. 4 minutes ago, Geiger83 said:

    Well, I agree. I am realistic and don't expect a huge hit (single) this era, besides I also understand that they want to focus on the album promotion, but the album comes in two weeks and we see no promotion, almost nothing. There are some small interviews on radio and maybe two or three magazines? No performance, no talkshow, nothing. That is what surprises me the most. It is like the buzz is already gone. I don't get it. I keep thinking on this teaser from April and asking what are these visuals for. Based on this teaser it looked like we would get way more videos and maybe performances or surprises but I am beginning to think this all has just been done for the teaser and for the tour (which won't be seen by most people). I am not complaining, it feels just a little underwhelming two weeks before the album release 😞

    wait till she's starts to promote again- and you will be saying "we are so lucky to have her"  she's everwhere- LOL

  2. 5 hours ago, zephyralexxx said:

    And most of them coming from Maluma's fans. 

    But you can't have a decent hit staying home with the kids and giving phone calls interviews. Such a shame because the song is so good and the video is pure Madonna. 

    M unfortunately is focusing on tour- i don't think she's just staying home with her kids .  Im sure she will be on TV soon the week of the album drops

  3. 1 hour ago, Katypatra said:

    She looks natural in the video. Are you trying to say she legit CGIed herself?? Have you never seen recent paparazzi photos where she looks freakishly stunning?? 

    the Crave video has no big budget to CG herself- plus thats not the directors style-  this was all M- with great lighting and styling.

  4. 6 minutes ago, stevo208 said:

    I don't know. I do feel a huge sense of disappointment. Aside from the vocals, it was just flat and... shit, to be honest. I didn't really sleep either. The little I've read about the whole thing outside of this forum seems overwhelmingly negative, and I hate to bring that here, but I just don't know who she is surrounding herself with. People genuinely seem to be gleefully championing her demise and with that performance, how can we defend her? I didn't sleep either. 

    what do you mean, who she surrounding herself with?  this is all Madonna... good or bad

  5. 19 minutes ago, Wunderkind said:

    Germany. And it not coming from gossip sites. It’s sites like Spiegel.de etc. Very much an overreaction and the German media has always been hard on her. But still, it’s sad to read those headlines. 

    i am glad Im in the US, I don't see any bad press about her performance-  im not searching for it either.  Lets just move on... this feed is depressing.

    Come this week, she will likely start her US promotions.  we will have a change of heart 😃

  6. 2 hours ago, CalinB said:

    Check out the post below. This station has played Crave two times today while I was in the car. 🙂 It is as a result of our high VOTEing numbers, they keep mentioning the high demand for the song throughout the day. 🙂  We are making a big difference with our votes in the second radio market in USA. YAY!



    you are awesome- love your passion!


  7. 18 minutes ago, FreeMySoul said:

    I really like the crave hairstyle hope she uses it during appearances 

    agree, she looks cooler and younger with more effortless styled hair, not too coifed- I did not like the GLAAD hair- way too matronly, but I get that it was about her message and not her looks that night.

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