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  1. 2 hours ago, Danny Bubbles said:

    She was really disrespectful to Ian McKellen. Why? Why does she get so cold and prickly with people. Such a negative piece of PR when so many people are watching. She does herself no favours by being so haughty with people.

    Oh stop the drama- I just watched it - she was her usual cheeky self- she was NOT disrespectful at all - she even hugged him after that video he showed where Hugh Jackman wished him 80th birthday.    The whole segment was fun and lighted hearted. And Stop reading shit from Twitter! Can we just have a day to celebrate MADAME X- without Debbie downers

  2. 3 minutes ago, Msig said:

    Danish music magazine Gaffa published their review of Madame X. Here's my rough translation:


    Split personality from Portugal



    It's obivious that Madonna's fourteenth album, Madame X, was inspired by sounds from all over the world, serving you anything from Eurodance to Latin rhythms. Several songs are even bilingual, with Madonna singing in Spanish and Portuguese.

    Madonna has explained that the Madame   character has several identities. She is a professor, a home carer, a nun and more. Similarly, the album reflects several personalities. The 15 new songs (18 on the deluxe version) might as well have been recorded by several different artists and not just one. Here, the 60-year-old singer shows how versatile she is, but unfortunately it is also the reason why it takes quite a few listens to understand the album as a whole.

    The highlights are few, but undeniably strong. "Crave" is slick and almost minimalist in comparison with the rest of the album. "Medellín" gives you eurodance vibes on top of a well-produced electronic beat. "I Rise" stands as a beacon on an album which, at first listen, is dominated by unmemorable songs.



    Previous Madonna ratings by Gaffa:

    • Rebel Heart: 3/6
    • MDNA: 4/6
    • Hard Candy: 3/6
    • Confessions on a Dance Floor: 3/6
    • American Life: 5/6
    • Music: 4/6
    • Ray of Light: 4/6

    they don't like her--LOL-  3/6 for Confessions? WTF

  3. 4 hours ago, Danmacevents said:

    She will be in the video a small amount maybe because it's someone else's story? Just a hunch. It looks epic. 

    that is Emanuele's style- the video he won for SHAHMARAN tells a story of the man- you don't see the singer SEVDALIZA mid into the video.

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