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  1. 19 minutes ago, RyanAnth4 said:

    Surely someone , I don’t think Guy as he’s not stepping up at all in recent years, can employ someone that can TRY to insert a positive spin on things . Our queen needs it in this hating climate as we know she has done it before . There’s got to be some good fortune coming her way . Before everyone says the music will stand for itself if it’s good enough , that is not necessarily true since imo she’s released some great music recently ghosttown etc and it was all ignored . Somebody that knows how to market a star in a positive light needs to be employed NOW

    She needs someone like Jlo's Manager _Benny Medina - he has done wonders for her career.  Love Jlo or not, she is on fire!

  2. 1 hour ago, Mat.Guy said:


    And that's not the final look of the new album or whatever.

    As always with Madonna, the looks evolve as she goes. She gets inspiration from lots of places and when the time is right, everyhting falls in the right place.

    Cool being covered up, there is a mystique about that, like a bare shoulder or a bare back with a fully covered long dress - that is sexy.  We shall see.

  3. On 8/20/2018 at 1:04 AM, elijah said:

    The fashion labels give a distinct ghetto fabulous look, that I suspect she was after.

    yeh,  but for fun or editorial spread, this look would never make it as an album cover,  The Styling of LV Gucci Vans is over the top and NONE of M's Albums flaunt designer brands / they are always discreet and timeless who ever the designer is.

  4. 2 hours ago, Iconic Fetus said:

    Yeah I this week or even the next one are ruled out for release, maybe a press announcement could work.

    If she releases before September 30 is because she’s aiming for the Grammys noms, because that date is the deadline, but I don’t think so.

    So announcement is the most likely we are going to get first, not a surprise, sadly she cannot rely on that gimmick, it even backfired for The Carters the last time so nope.

    Im surprised with The Carters release, first week only sellng some 80,000 copies, the song Ape Shiet tumbled big time after a strong buzz one or two days from its release.

    you never know these days....

  5. 17 hours ago, cosmic_system said:

    Mert is on vacation, so if she's really doing it he's not (with Marcus) part fo the project. Giovanni Bianco works for Vogue Italia, so I doubt it's for another magazine. But he has a house in NY so maybe the fact that he's in town has nothing to do with M. Aaron yesterday was in Italy. I would love a change for the new album shoot, new make up artist (and I looove Aaron), hair, photographer. Not gonna happen probably but dreaming is free. She should really work with another photograher though. For the last 10 years she only worked with Mert & Marcus, Klein and Tom Munro (and Munro has not worked with her since the W.E. promo I believe) Oh yes, she works with Ellen Von Unwerth too for Cosmopolin, but that's it.

    Luigi- did a fantastic job with her. and they are close friends.. she's doesn't need a new photographer.   its all in the art direction and styling.

  6. 1 hour ago, peter said:




    I was going to bring up Immaculate Collection (thanks, @sul8323!) ... but also Something to Remember to a degree. There was no shoot expressly for it — she used a gorgeous shot from the spectacular Versace shoot(s) — and the other photos were floral photography. I believe the earliest run didn’t even have a photo of her on the back cover, right? Later releases used another Versace campaign shot, where she’s lying down. 

    All this doesn’t mean much, of course. But if the Portuguese influence is strong, there’s always a possibility Mert and Marcus shot something in/with the Vogue Italia shoot...? Although someone pointed out she usually uses the big guns for styling (hair and make-up) for the album shoot. Garren for hair, I mean — right? And the hair for the Vogue Italia was Andy LeComte, right?

    yeh... her team for her albums shoots are the best of the best... not the same as her usual glam team.  We shall see. Im sure she's planning it all out right now in NYC

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