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  1. 2 hours ago, samosamosamo said:

    Usually during this time of the year she posts a lot of holiday family photos. She might actually be working. Maybe we are getting new material in January!! 2019 seams quite packed with new releases, it would actually make sense unless Rihanna is doing it but I don't think it's happening!

    she's always working.. but on what...i don't think its a shoot yet..as everyone seems to be on a holiday...im sure she's planning everything. ūüėÉ

  2. 15 minutes ago, Nikki said:

    To think she could have a strong comeback, bringing the depth of Portuguese music to the front, but is now working with an idiot who represents everything madonna fought against.. the only reason being that Guy wants to make her big overseas.

    if the first single is with this idiot, I'm afraid this will ruin the whole album campaign in one go. 

    how old are u? u sound like a child

  3. 1 hour ago, caba1 said:

    i'm worried about the album cover. I want her to serve an iconic cover like she did with Rebel Heart but after that, all her covers were a MESS. That post with Aldo Diaz turned on the alarms on me. I think she is on a bad taste fase with her visuals and fashion since BIM. Like she doesn't even know what looks good and what is tacky and cheap.

    All those grillz, Moschino crap, aldo diaz edits, filters everywhere... i hope she puts herself together again for this because...

    you are being little dramatic here... when has madonna had a weak album art work. even if you didn't like it, it tied in with all her promotional images. she will work with the best of the best. 

    whatever with aldo, she like him, he's a fan, big deal.

  4. 22 minutes ago, tuckeye said:

    explain her instagram with new hair by some hair dresser she @ - could it be for a photoshoot dun dun dunnnn2

    and drownedworld.com just said some actor wrote on her latest post "thanks for letting me hear your new song this morning i cant stop thinking about it."


    yeh.. I saw this guy wrote that on her insta too- wasn't sure what to think of it.  he's not some random person, has the "public figure" insta icon under his name...

  5. 1 minute ago, boy skeffington said:

    I don’t get the upset for offering special access to her in a studio or on horseback for a charity. If I remember correctly there was a trip to Peru in the Miami Art Basel offerings. It’s not like she’s performing for a king for 2 million to pocket like so many other pop stars.

    She really can’t win. Be it her career as a musician, charity work or commercialism...this Madonna is a form of the same Madonna I have always loved. The big difference is new media and constant consumption/access to information with a focus on outrage. The big similarity is Madonna’s unwillingness to do anything other than what Madonna wants. 

    Her willingness to be charitable and visible is something she has always done in some form. 

    thank you thank you.. madonna can't win in this forum and these are fans

  6. 1 hour ago, luluthecat said:

    .....well I think his work’s really interesting. I can totally see why she’d like it. 2372B789-519B-4754-B0FA-3197802D51E0.jpeg

    .....reminded me of a shoot by Inez & Vinoodh FB115DD0-C2D4-498C-A558-95D89A5F85BA.jpeg

    ......could totally see M doing something in this vein. It would awesome.

    Shame he‚Äôs a fucking pretentious tool, who has to show off that they‚Äôve even ‚Äúturned down Madonna‚ÄĚ - cringe.¬†

    i like it too.. very conceptual and not your typical glamour -im pretty art direction. M would have her take on it - 4 sure.  he's good. he's attitude -not so good

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