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  1. 3 minutes ago, stevo208 said:

    Are we absolutely sure this is a single? If not I'll hold off listening to it until album release time. Excited is an understatement. It seems a lot of people are really into this track 

    It's so good! M sings in a different style than what we're used to, but she delivers! 

  2. 11 minutes ago, graffitiheart said:

    I made the mistake to look at her Instagram comments and it’s disgusting all the hate she’s getting (mostly white gays demanding another confessions) . All the most popular comments are gross. If you hate the song why the need to go an insult her in her Instagram?  I love the song since first listen I’m shocked it’s getting so much hate 

    Pay those bitches no mind! If you like the song that's all that matters! 

  3. 3 minutes ago, trickyricky said:

    according to people who just want to bring some negativity to the forum lol ..


    We are lucky Madonna is trying new things with her music, no matter what the genre is.

  4. 1 hour ago, jjbradleynyc said:

    I think the reason Madonna is taking forever on this album consists of complicated factors.

    She has 30+ years of achievements in her career--tons of #1 singles, tons of top 10 hits, tons of multi-platinum albums, successful sold out tours, success in movies and television, and an iconic superstar all around.

    As-a-result, she is focusing on other areas of her life and career -- both the past 4 years and currently.

    *She no longer lives full-time in the US--Portugal whisked her away to another life of culture, experience, and pace. She is loving this life most likely.

    *She is focusing on her skin care line, and it seems to have been successful and profitable. 

    *Her other areas of investments over the past decades are surely generating very lucrative passive income streams currently, so her hard work is paying off bigtime.

    *She is focusing on her kids' lives and family.

    *Making music is now fun to her, and a creative outlet. She no longer feels pressure to make top 10 hits and crank to the rhythm of a music industry that will not play her music on American radio anyway. 

    We'll get an album this year, for sure, but I think her style with this album of "taking her time" is fully justified, as much as we dislike it as fans.

    Spot on!

  5. 2 hours ago, loveperanders said:

    I do believe that Madonnas bosses has more power than what we think in terms of deciding over her music and releases.

    I remember reading an interview with the Pet Shop Boys after the Confessions era where they said that Madonna had approached them to collaborate on the follow up to Confessions but that it was all scrapped because her record company wanted her to go more rnb.

    Like it or not, she is a brand and her name and tours bring in millions so of course there will be loads of opinions on anything she releases.


    Madonna + PSBoys would be soooo good! 

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