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  1. 38 minutes ago, side_streets said:

    I lost someone and Rebel Heart helped me to deal with sadness. As you said, it's my personal opinion. ❤️

    So sorry to hear you lost someone. I made my comment in jest and in belief I was being funny! My apologies if I offended you. 

  2. 1 minute ago, Monkey said:

    She was lost in the performance. Her voice was terrible. The message was dark and messy. Totally inapropriate for the Eurovision. It's like she couldn't give a fuck about Eurovision, people who watch this program. Oh let's do this dark boring version of LAP and then future dressed like joan of arc, because it's coherent with the artistic message I want to share. I was mortified during the performance, 10 people around me laughing and saying how bad she was singing, how weird the spoken word was and finally how bad and autotuned the new song was. The guy who hosted the night then proposed to put an old Madonna song (true blue) and we all danced. I was more upset, cause this is exactly what she should have done: a beautiful and joyfull performance with oldies and a good new song. Soryy I love her, like really, but for the first time I cannot defend her.

    Gurrl you'll live, and so will Madonna! 

  3. 5 minutes ago, luizotaviobarros said:

    I’ve just watched an unfixed video and I got the impression that besides the karaoke-sounding arrangement, there was a mixing issue, too. It seems her voice either stood out too much or appeared drowned out. Did you guys feel the same way?

    Mike Dean is the man behind this mess, isn’t he? 

    Wonder if she’ll pick him as musical director for the tour 😞

    If it was really Mike Dean, she should flush him like a turd! Gurrl bye!

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