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  1. Of course thats the pic they choose for the article lol

    I like Beyoncé immensely talented and stunningly beautiful. But like many people that talented I think she's not really capable of evolving or changing. It's like being "talented" is a handicap. Like Mariah, impressive voice but not really much variation in her output (visually or sonically). Whenever I hear any of her songs its pretty much "Yea that sounds like something she'd do"

    Madonna on the other hand has a pretty limited singing range compared to those two but without having powerhouse vocals to rely on she thinks out of the box (although that might just be her personality). I can't count how many songs she's come up with where she doesn't rest on what worked before but does something completely new and unexpected.

    Of course this is all biased and subjective but until Beyoncé stops relying on her beauty or her vocal range and tries something new, really new for her I don't see starting any revolutions or having the impact Madonna does/did. O/T: Are her songs that popular or is it HER people are interested in? I don't feel like her songs are as popular as the Taylor Swifts, Rihannas or Katy Perrys to the general public, that interest in her is based on her performances (she can take a meh song and kill it live) and her persona.

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