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  1. No love for get together here??

    And yeah I like the comment that said: look mdna setlist PDP-HungUp-idontgive a. Etc. It does not seems to fit but the rumour setlist seems

    to fit a little too much. Yo know. Music-erotica-la is'a bonita. Sounds odd on paper but not on stage!

    I personally have a lot of love for get together ;) it's probably my favorite song in coadf but unfortunately it hasn't even been rumored as a potential for the set list. I'm a tad disappointed personally though that ITG was tossed out though

  2. I would obviously watch it if it's true but at the same time I still prefer for it to not be true because most reality shows are for wash outs who have nothing to offer but show off their scandals and luxury lives on camera. Madonna is too big of an artist for something like that

  3. Ok so the fact that she's number 1 is great, although expected, but then again I feel whoever wrote this wasn't happy with the fact that he/she had to rank Madonna as the number 1 female pop artist so had to throw in tacky hate lines, which were meant to be discreet but I mean come on you mean to tell me that this person has never heard "Live To Tell" or "Frozen" or "Power Of Goodbye" or "Secret" or "Take A Bow" to claim that she prefers surface over depth and all that bullshit you can see the bitterness oozing. Maybe this "writer" is a little monster lol :p

  4. Can I just say that I am actually looking forward to come actual concrete info on what songs she actually performed, etc, because the lack of information has caused so much controversy on this forum, lol, but with that being said even when we know all the exclusives there still will be controversy over what songs she did, what songs she didn't do, what songs she should have done except for others, lol, moderators get ready to lock a lot of threads :p

  5. So after the release of all the demos and then the official release of Rebel Heart we all have songs we wish made it to the album but didn't, and for me Never Let You Go was one of them. Even the demo version is pretty close to perfection as far as the sound is, and it just is such a feel good song in my opinion, romantic yet catchy and feel good at the same time... What do you guys think?


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