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  1. I picked Rebel Heart tour because I had to vote lol, I love it but I also love Girlie show version as well, I absolutely hated the reinvention tour version though, think it killed the song
  2. I love the grandness of the iconic opening but ggw always gets me more excited lol
  3. Oh wow this is hard, because even though you make a choice you're like "Oh wait but I love this song, and that song, and it's not on the albums I chose," lol. But I think I would say Erotica, Confessions, and Rebel Heart
  4. I don't have an exact answer for that, but just think shitloads more than Janet's unbreakable tour
  5. I still have not gotten my key chain yet and I got the email that it has been shipped since September 17th :/
  6. Rebel Heart I would say also because we hear songs that were unexpected which is really cool
  7. Which of the two Forbidden Love's do you all prefer? I always think about it but can never decide, lol.... I love the sultry, sexy, romantic flow of Bedtime Stories Forbidden Love, but COADF Forbidden Love is also really mesmerizing and magical
  8. I got two tshirts, the white one with the various pics of her, the joan of arc one with the sword, and the tour book and the cap, think I spent over 200 dollars lol
  9. I was in section 102 as well, lol, I was in row 21 though and too many people were sitting down near me, I even got into a mini scrap with some bitches behind me who were complaining they couldnt see, lol
  10. Honey who could blame her, when she saw so many lazy cunts in their seats and others who like didn't know any rebel heart songs, lol
  11. This pic is so cool, someone from a facebook group made it.... 2015 Madonna is advising Desperately Seeking Susan Madonna on how she can get her jacket back from Roberta, lol!!!!!
  12. Oh yea the Venezuelean guy she pulled up on stage, he was sooooooo hot!!!!!!!
  13. maybe this will work? <iframe width="660" height="180" src="https://www.mixcloud.com/widget/iframe/?embed_type=widget_standard&embed_uuid=a73175a5-a7ee-43a5-a3b2-c3b269632184&feed=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.mixcloud.com%2Fpaul-robinson5%2Frebel-heart-tour-pre-tour-mix-updated%2F&hide_cover=1&hide_tracklist=1&replace=0" frameborder="0"></iframe><div style="width: 652px; height: 3px; clear: both;"></div><p style='margin: 0px; padding: 3px 4px; width: 652px; color: rgb(153, 153, 153); font-family: "Open Sans", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 11px; d
  14. I was there at both shows, she seemed to think that yesterday was livelier than the night before but I actually think it was the opposite, lol, too many people sitting in my section last night
  15. yep and it's a great gym, not just because there are larger than life pics of the queen on the walls but that is sure an added plus The instructor from ripped yoga yesterday said she had invited Madonna and her team to the club yesterday for the class, but they never showed up
  16. Here is an amazing Madonna mix that the instructors at hard candy use for Addicted to Sweat and Ripped Yoga class... It's amazing, cant get enough!!!! https://www.mixcloud.com/paul-robinson5/rebel-heart-tour-pre-tour-mix-updated/
  17. I went to both shows. First night was a blast because I was with friends and everyone in our section was up on their feet feeling it. Yesterday I went alone and the majority of my section was sitting down. Some bitch behind me complained she couldnt see and I told her "Madonna wants her crowd standing up" lol, usually I am a very considerate person but when it comes to Madonna I'm an unapologetic bitch, lol. I was dying for the time to come for months now and now that it's happened I'm disappointed that I dont have it to look forward to anymore, lol.... But the queen was amazing both nights!!!
  18. Wowwwwwww sooooo hotttttttt!!!! He and the other dark guy are fucking gorgeous, I'd so three way with those two
  19. A nice gold medal for the copper, only he's gonna get it sooner than he thinks
  20. Here's a mess "review" of the show for Philadelphia. It's amazing what can be published nowadays: Two-thirds of the way through her concert Thursday at Philadelphia’s Wells Fargo Center, Madonna introduced the title track to her new album “Rebel Heart” by thanking her audience. “You have allowed me to be provocative, experimental … and hopefully lovable,” she said. “And to be the rebel heart that I am.” And certainly Madonna hasn’t made it this far into her career – more than 30 years and 65 million albums sold – by being static. Trouble is, Madonna’s “experimentation” has often resulted i
  21. Every time I listen to the True Blue album or in general Madonna songs on shuffle on my phone and White Heat comes on, I always wonder why it never became a hit. Unless it did gain recognition back when the True Blue album came out in which case I wouldn't know because I was a month and a half old when it came out, lol. But as far as I know it was never a song that was recognized or even acknowledged except for the Who's That Girl tour. I personally feel it could have been a big single, it had everything that the 80's Madonna era hits had, fun, danceable and catchy lyrics, but seems like it w
  22. She charged money for curse words? But she curses all the time, lol
  23. lol IKR???? If I was lucky enough to work with Madonna I'd always be early to not waste a second of being in her presence
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