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  1. 6 hours ago, Je5u5 said:

    Only some pressings of the Rainbow edition correct this mistake.

    All editions with a cover come with the same one and a sticker with the alternate barcode if applicable or the country of manufacture slapped on.

    As the tracklist of the picture disc is a sticker in itself I guess it was the easiest one to solve.

    I'd assume the mistake on the other versions is not very likely to be solved anytime soon. We still have copies of Erotica with the wrong copyright information and that was released in 2012 I think.

    Thanks for the explanation! It’s a bit of a shocking mistake for them to make. 

  2. 7 hours ago, Dams said:

    I can’t believe all the non-album related political shit i’ve read on this forum lately. I don’t drink the Madonna kool aid but some fans here sound more like Kid Rock fans than Madonna’s. 

    I read attacks against the ‘alt left’ - which i’m not part of. Defending the lgbt communty in the 80’s clearly was seen as ‘alt left’. Same with other minorities like people of colour. And women’s right. Madonna did all of that. So i have no clue what some fans here are doing following her if they don’t have the same values as M. 

    And not everything should be decided by ‘ordinary people’. Ordinary people didn’t fight for women’s right to vote, for example. Progress and new ideas don’t come from average people. Ordinary people don’t fight for minorities.

    Re: cultural appropriation, Madonna would never dress as a geisha in a video in 2019, as she did for Nothing Really Matters. That’s not considered as appropriate for a white person anymore, even a superstar. You can like it or not but that’s how we’ve evolved. Now the Rebel Heart opening outfits were quite inspired by the Japanese culture and she got no backlash, because that was more a tribute than cultural theft.

    Golden rule: ask people’s opinion before deciding that something is not offensive or disrespectful to them. 

    P.S.: I’m white but I’m lucky to live in one of the most multi-cultural cities in the world, Toronto, Canada.



    Well said! 

  3. On 2018-01-21 at 8:04 AM, Bretticus said:

    Here's what I'd love to see, but it will never happen!

    • No pre-orders or instant grat pre-release single on iTunes. 4 or 5 "teaser" video clips about 10-15 seconds each before a music video release of the lead single. Video on Vevo a few hours before the single is released to iTunes. Have the single, plus a remix bundle ready to go on sale, include a newly commissioned remix of one or two Madonna classics in this bundle as an "Album Only" exclusive.
    • The next day, add only the single to Spotify/Tidal/Apple Music streaming, not the remixes (add those the following week, making them iTunes exclusives for a time). Release a new exclusive remix of the single each week for the next 4 weeks to keep sales ticking along. 
    • Release some format of physical single. A 7", a CD single, a 12" vinyl, a Picture Disc, whatever, something or everything - fans are going to buy whatever is released, get stuff out there ready for us to buy and collect! A huge chunk of her fanbase now aren't massive music streamers or digital purchasers, vinyl is king again now, so give us vinyl to buy!
    • Start an online/TV/print hype campaign for the album a month before the album release. New photoshoots, maybe a high profile endorsement with the new single attached to it? Surprise TV appearances on some late night shows/music awards/Ellen/whatever. Not overkill, just a couple in the US, UK, Germany, France and finally Australia and Japan. Interviews or exclusive performances, of course perform the new single along with a Madonna classic or two.
    • When the album is ready for release, give us the whole box and dice. Follow a path similar to Kylie and her "Golden" album, have the album available in loads of formats and bundles, each with it's own exclusive. This will push sales, whilst keeping loons like me happy collecting all sorts of different things :)

    That's just a few ideas which would make things fun!



    a 7" with nice artwork/pic would be amazing

  4. ZEVyaRj.jpg

    There is a very good audio bootleg from Chicago, remastered by Adrian

    here's holiday , you can check the quality :


    Download the full show : :


    Loving the Chicago recording! Thanks for sharing the link! She seemed on really good form that night as there's lots of interaction with the audience. The crowd seem to be giving her lots of love.

  5. Yes please! She should change it every show :lol:

    Crazy For You



    Oh Father

    This Used To be My Playground

    Bad Girl

    I'll Remember


    Take a Bow

    You'll See

    The Power of Good-bye

    What It Feels Like for a Girl

    Nothing Fails

    Get Together (acoustic would be amazing)

    Falling Free

    Joan of Arc

    Yes Yes YES! I would die if she played Bad Girl.

    Can someone please start a new thread about which songs we would most like to see her play after WTG. I'm too much of a newbie to start a new thread :(

  6. Saying the crowd was old is not a question of ageism. It was just a question to state the fact. I was really surprised to see the crowd as it was way more older than any other place in the world I had the chance to see her.

    Another thing I tended to see last night is that a lot of women were there because they love M and they brought their bf who were... how could I say... lethargic. In the end, it gave a strange impression with some people like me having a real blast and others with their crossed arms.

    Fair enough, maybe I misinterpreted the comments. I wasn't directing my comment at you :)

    I agree with you, there were LOTS of bf's who didn't seem that into it. Despite all this, she still won the crowd over and put on an awesome show.

  7. I was expecting the worst from the Quebec City crowd but from the floor where I was they were really into it. Yes, they were older but who cares. I can't believe how ageist some people are being. The women behind me were probably in their late 50s but still going crazy. Good for them! Madonna seemed to appreciate the crowd too. That said, some people left before Holiday. Never seen that before at a M gig! Maybe the Quebec City crowd does suck!

    The Montreal/Quebec City faux pas was funny, especially considering she did the same thing during the MDNA tour (Express Yourself). You could tell she was beating herself up over it and made a couple of self-deprecating comments about it during the show. From True Blue onwards the crowd seemed really into it. LAV and LVER got a great reception.

    Just before WTG or GT, I can't remember, she started asking people in front of the heart for requests. I get the impression she might mix this section up during the tour and play some other songs. Lucky fans who get to see her on future dates!

  8. I love the song, it's a hit, a classic, she needs to close the tour with this one.

    I also need to say that I like more the demo's breakdown it sounds more House and less electronic, I need the remixes!

    Yup, it's gonna be an awesome closing number! I also totally agree with everyone who's saying it's her best lead single since Music. Word. I just can't stop listening to the demo version though and wishing she had gone with that one instead. It's so much more euphoric and the Disclosuresque production really worked well I thought. Oh well, it still shits all over 4M and GMAYL and there's always the remixes to look forward too.

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