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  1. I view things differently. Madonna gets recognised for her music by her loyal fans who buy her albums and go to her concerts. That's recognition. That's appreciation. I stopped giving a fuck about what the press and the media say because they always have their agendas and doesn't always give credit where its due.

    But if we look at the numbers, the tickets sold, the albums sold, the new fans joining the Madonna fanbase, that for me is recognition. The income generated as a result of people's willingness to shell money for Madonna is what matters more than paid-for articles, propaganda-driven charts and Top 40, and bullcrap awards meant to stroke the dicks of music executives instead of awarding merit to real musicians. People pay for Madonna because they care about her music first and foremost. Otherwise they wouldn't bother.

    Look at all the musicians these Shammies and Billbored give recognition for. Not all of them can sell like Madonna can. They can blow smoke up their asses all they want but the results speak for themselves.

    Well thought out, mate! I can't even fathom the popularity for 'musicians' like Meghan Traynor (surely the least talented pop star since Paris Hilton!) and the fawning over Taylor Swift (really?).

    Awards are for dummies.

  2. I turned 49 a week ago and I finally recieved the long awaited message "you look good for your age" for the first time. My first thought was "what would Madonna say?" so my reply was "Thanks. Why so surprised? Did you expect me to be fat, bald and half-dead?" :-))

    Good for you! Gone are the days of looking like the dressing-gown/slippered/Frank Sinatra-loving man that used to represent 40+ men of days gone by.

  3. The irony, indeed!

    Madonna IS complicated, as a person, a feminist and cultural icon. The fact that she gets strong reactions from a lot of opposing camps means that her innate ability to redefine feminist ideals is still sorely needed (the ageist shit, anyone?).

    I think what also upsets some people is that Madonna is both sexy AND funny.

  4. The album version sounds cheap, generic, and boring to me. What's up with that outro voice? lol I much prefer the beautiful, laid-back, alternative/pop demo version. I LOVE it! :)

    Yeah, demo all the way for me, too. The first time I heard the album version, I was like WTF?!?

  5. Well, first of all we have to think that when "Crazy for you" was released Madonna had her contract with Sire Records, so maybe Warner didn't had all her attention on her.

    On the other hand, "Crazy for you" was recorded before the "Like a virgin" album was released and I think they didn't know how important Madonna and this album was going to be. In fact, what I've always heard is that "Vision Quest" was recorded at the end of 1983 or in the beginning of 1984 so I guess the songs were recorded between "Madonna" and "Like a virgin".

    If you listen to the songs used in the movie they have very different versions compared to the ones released. Maybe the Sire and Geffen deal was made at that time, when the movie was filmed and not when it was released in 1985.

    And now some rumours (I've read them in lots of places but I don't know if it's true or not) but the story goes this way:

    01. Madonna sang "Crazy for you" and "Gambler" for "Vision Quest". They filmed the scene in the bar the way we see it on the film and some takes of her singing the full songs (on the bar) because maybe they could need them to add different angles in the final montage of the film.

    02. Madonna reléase "Like a virgin" and it became a worldwide sensation.

    03. Geffen decided to released the "Crazy for you" single to promote the movie now that Madonna was so popular but they never thought that it would become such a great hit. "Sire" doesn't like the idea but they think that "Crazy for you" have nothing to do against "Material girl".

    04. When "Crazy for you" becomes a hit Geffen decided to reléase worldwide "Gambler" but after the "Crazy for you" and "Into the Groove" success, Sire think that that's not a good idea for them so they refuse. Finally they made a deal to reléase "Gambler" in Europe but not in the USA.

    I don't know if it's true but it could be posible that the videos were made using images recorded while they shot the movie for the parts where she sing the songs and the rest it's just a montage.

    I hope I've explained right, my English is not as good as I'd wish....

    Your English is fine!

    Thanks for all this info. I wish Mads would release more non-LP songs.

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