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  1. 10 hours ago, Mensch said:

    Exactly! Love de la soul!!! Actually look at this awesome street art in Brooklyn I took pics of this week feat de la soul and madonna ...


    music has just changed and I don’t blame M for engaging with new artist and collaborating but I know she knows in the back of her mind that it doesn’t have the magic spark music once had. She’s just happy and comfortable in her rich, biggest superstar ever having already solidified her self as a legend ...



    Great pics! I see you love Debbie Harry and Grace Jones, too...so we are on a wavelength that is similar. Grace Jones is one of my biggest idols.

  2. On 4 November 2018 at 11:37 PM, Mensch said:

    Right! Where’s the video and the huge boost in sales?! Seriously, song was awful from the get go. Haven’t listened Day it came out like 4-5 times to try and like it and at work I played it to see if it played over well and no one really cared...

    It must be an age thing.  And a taste thing.  I think the track is a load of pisch and doesn't deserve to chart anywhere.  Then again, the best rap/hip hop ended with De La Soul, Guru from his Jazzamatazz series...and Salt'n'Pepa!



  3. 2 hours ago, loowee said:

    She doesn't need to avoid anyone because she's in her own lane at this stage of her career.

    She can't compete with these girls anymore. This is not 2008. 

    Madonna is Madonna, and the slavish devotion from Adele and Swift fans would not matter one iota to her....it would just be that the hype for her album would be lost in the hype for the others' albums if they all came out at once.

    Madonna needs a great song.  A great video.  And the rest is up to the Universe.

  4. On 24 October 2018 at 1:42 PM, eroticerotic said:

    Women who generally appeal to what men want them to look and act like and don’t disrupt the status quo won’t really get scrutinized. 

    If you stand out you will always be singled out

    One can age GRACEFULLY and without too much scrutiny if you are the likes of Annie Lennox (anyone that follows her on Instagram would see why and agree).

    Madonna should (and still will) release music without fear or favour!

    Culturally, Madonna will always be relevant.

  5. MDNA was what got me too. Gang Bang all the way baby, and though I've now gone through her entire back catalogue and have my favorite songs/albums/performances/eras/tours/etc etc Gang Bang still remains one of my all-time favorites, along with the MDNA album and Tour.

    For me it's about accessibility, I think? For example, Erotica is my favorite album and Waiting my favorite song, but it was being introduced through MDNA/Hard Candy (and, arguably, COADF) that let me get there. And Rebel Heart is so wonderful because it's both accessible to younger/newer fans like me (Bitch I'm Madonna, Unapologetic Bitch) while also showcasing her classic artistry that's been present in every album back to the 80s, and sometimes even in the same song (Ghosttown, Living for Love, Devil Pray).

    I love it, I love her, I love the tour, I love the album, everything is wonderful and I couldn't be happier about the entire era

    Loved reading that, CandyPerfumeGIrl! :)

    For me, I have been a Madonnachronic since 1983 and 'Burning Up', so I just assume that everyone knows a lot of the classic tracks, no matter what age they are. I grew up listening to radio where the new was played with the old, so back catalogues for all sorts of artists were a given.

  6. I completely agree. This was the first time since Confessions that I was proud to be a fan. The singles, the rest of the album, the videos, the tour.. I was floored.

    MDNA did not help her in my opinion. She didn't gain any new fans during that era and probably lost a few. The quality was just not there and it felt lazy (TUTR video, anyone?).

    Long Live Rebel Heart.

    Yes, definitely the most exciting era since Confessions. Sure, the other eras tickled my Madonna fancy, but she's BACK BACK BACK!

  7. Queen is pretty damn cool, but I only agree on inclusion of more songs if the album was a double album (like you said).

    I really like 'Trust No Bitch' as well, and would love to hear it more polished.

    As it is, musically TNB sounds like a knock-off of a few tracks from Etienne de Crecy's last album ('Hashtag My Ass' comes to mind). I can see the concept behind the song; it just lacks a good execution.

  8. The first demo that leaked sounds rough but the 4th one sounds really finished. It's the one where there is only

    One drop at the end and that's my favorite with the distorted voices going "wash all over meeeeeee over meeeeee let it wash all over meeeee"

    Oh, God! This is my favourite version, too. The crazy strings at the start still sound offputting, but once the beat kicks in, the song really takes flight.

  9. I'm not surprised by the younger generation's ignorance. As a teen in the 80s, I was obsessed with music magazines, radio, buying vinyl and cassettes and getting to know who the team around the artist was and discovering who else they worked with. The current generation probably have no idea who Max Martin is, even though he works on 90% of the music they download. They probably never read the credits if they don't have CD booklets!

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