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  1. 3 minutes ago, CalinB said:


    What is Logic Mix? DAW? Please educate me. 

    I also wonder what PT in "PT Mix" stand form. Could PT stand for Pentz Thomas (Diplo)?


    Pro-Logic is a music tool, right?

    Don't read too much into the mix names. PT could even stand for 'Pizza Time!'

  2. 1 hour ago, Mensch said:

    She seems so much happier during this session than the somewhat rushed MDNA session and the “too many cooks” Rebel heart sessions. I’m excited about that. 

    Yes, 'too many cooks' is what Madonna insinuated that she wanted to stay away from.  I have a feeling that the album will be 80% Mirwais produced and the rest, other tracks with a sympathetic sound/production by co-producers. 

  3. 8 hours ago, loowee said:

    I feel like the stars are aligned for the next album as far as commercial success goes. The Latin market is blowing up like crazy and she has a massive SA fanbase which will give her tons of streams if she puts out the right music especially with the Maluma collab. An exotic Portuguese inspired album feels very organic because of her moving to Portugal but it also fits perfectly with the music market. It won’t feel as blatantly trendy as Hard Candy or MDNA, if that makes sense. I’m also sure Mirwais will also give the album an edgy touch so the music won’t feel too commercial.

    African rhythms and vocals have been big in underground dance culture for ages now (Check out Faze Action and new stuff from Cerrone, for instance), so I would not be surprised. 

    @loowee as long as Madonna doesn't stew the musical pot for too long, I reckon the stars WILL align!!



  4. 2 hours ago, luluthecat said:

    I’d be well up for Ewan Pearson too, his work with Tracey rocks! I think Dancefloor is my single of the year 😀

    Honey, we are in agreement then (that 'Dancefloor' is a bloody good single!).  Roisin Murphy's 'All My Dreams' is my track of 2018, but Tracey's comes a close second. God, if Madonna could work with someone like Maurice Fulton (who produced all Roisin's 4 x 12" records in the latter part of this year) then she could seriously bring the funk on!!!

  5. I think I'd rather Madonna work with someone like Ewan Pearson (Tracey Thorn) than Paul Epworth, even though Paul is a good producer.  I think Madonna has to get away from what the 20-somethings are doing and who they are using, tbh.


    But: who are we to say.  I always admired Madonna's taste in music, but lately she leans too much towards what her kids would be listening to....  

    Good for her, I guess.

  6. On 3 November 2018 at 1:00 PM, promise to try said:

    yes! it was something positive! like wow! look at her, she is old but look at her!

    I cannot believe we are still having conversations (globally) about women, age and what is age appropriate. Has feminism amounted to nothing?  Women are damned if they try and look/act 'young' and damned if they don't. The billion dollar cosmetics industry preys on women's insecurities and perceived inadequacies. Instead of 'safe spaces' and all this white noise about age, we need to lift women in 3rd world countries out of poverty, enslavement and servitude.

  7. 3 minutes ago, humanracin said:

    COADF was definitely a homage to disco!

    But it was a futuristic stylised type of disco.

    I guess Disco itself was pretty spacey and futuristic compared to other music in the 70s...


    Disco had multiple sounds and variations within the genre.  Patrick Cowley, Larry Levan, Cerrone, Bobby Orlando, Moroder and Frank Farian (to name a limited sample) all produced music in the disco vein, each distinctively different but still fitting the four-on-the-floor disco stylings.  I'm a disco chronic, and would still call COADF a modern disco album of sorts. 

  8. 4 hours ago, Maleficent said:

    I'm just praying the vocal production is rich and deep and not helium-voice like on MDNA and RH

    Amen! Mirwais was good at either presenting a more raw recording of Madonna's vocals ('Intervention') or a distorted one ('Impressive Instant'), but I am hoping a more honest and warm representation is on the cards.

    Mirwais broke out with the still-amazing-sounding 'Disco Science'....it would be thrilling if the new single for Madonna ups the ante and is UNLIKE all the chart tosh from all the young pretenders and wannabes.

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