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  1. 39 minutes ago, Icykiller said:

    Awful video, guess the gel didn't sell well :lmao:

    I agree that the RH videos are better than MDNAs. I loathe BIM (precisely, besides its video game sounds, because I hate name songs, such ego!), but the video is really good. On the new album's name, M seems to usually go for simple titles, so I wouldn't rule out Magic. On videos, I miss her storyline videos. I feel like after Hung Up, all videos are loaded with beauty shots, rather than tell a story. 

    I like the videos for LFL and Ghosttown. Thank goddess someone here also doesn't think too much of the BIM song, though I think the video is a load of bollocks, too. Not my style at all, but I can see how the 'bling bling' generation get it.

    I would love to see a return to story videos, rather than 'look how pretty and cool I am at 60!'


  2. 1 hour ago, Suedey said:

    Relax guys we'll have a good era. 


    MDNA Skin Roller will pay for the tour dancers
    MDNA Skin serum will pay for video no. 1
    MDNA Skin rose mist will pay for video no. 2
    MDNA Skin finishing cream will pay for video no. 3
    MDNA Skin eye dream will pay for the tour video projections

    So, we'll get a great era by the skin of...her advertorials!


  3. 2 hours ago, jonluvsmaddy said:

    In traditional record deals, the label fronts the money for promo but this is a recoupable investment. So the artist doesn’t earn any royalties from selling the album until the record company has earned all their money back. Given how little record companies make on album sales, most artists have a very small promo budget. And given the recoupment scenario, the artist was always technically paying for the promo. 

    Almost like investing in one's self!

  4. 27 minutes ago, Lolo said:

    I think it’s just joking. But maybe she took a jab at Interscope because maybe they signaled they’re rather play cheap this time around...Who knows. I just lost all faith in her representatives and deals. 

    Me, too. We know Guy O got her bad deals when it comes to ACTUAL music!

  5. 3 hours ago, Plaything said:

    I‘ve grown to like MDNA as an album name but in general I hate it when artists call their albums after their names (repeatedly), like „Whitney Houston“ & „Just Whitney“ or „Britney“ and „Britney Jean“. It’s stupid and lazy. We almost have the same situation with „Madonna“ and „MDNA“ although I do think the wink to MDMA is clever. Then again, the music on the album doesn’t match this reference at all. She did the text talk with GHV2 already and I didn’t like it back then either. 

    I would be absolutely fine if she calls her next album „Magic“. It’s a little uninspired and cheesy but it’s also memorable and punchy (as someone said already). I still think Killers would be a great album title as well but it’s hard to tell without knowing what the music will sound like.

    As long as it is ALL killer and NO filler.

    Though, the word killers has a negative connotation for me. I know there is the group The Killers...but in a world of uncertainty mired with terrorism, violence against women (#metoo does NOTHING for women in countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh and India, for instance) and mass shootings, I would go for more uplifting title. We need it.

  6. 2 minutes ago, Jazzy Jan said:

    I think she was just mucking around.

    Surely it is just that Interscope was so inept re promotion previously ?

    The promotion of MDNA and Rebel Heart was beyond a joke but the thought of the undisputed Queen of Pop and biggest selling female star ever paying for own promotion is obscene.  If that is the case, it is almost akin to label sabotage. 

    Well, she CAN afford it. 😜 Though, it is a disgrace if she has to pay for her own promos.

    At this rate, Madonna will be selling records via Bandcamp!

  7. 6 hours ago, Jazzy Jan said:

    I love the name magic for Madonna because I have always thought she makes pop music magic. Has that magical ingredient - so to speak - that makes her music so timeless, creative, memorable while also having mass appeal.   Very few artists have that type of " magic"  

    LOVE TECHNICIAN: I always thought the term from the alternative lyrics to 'Erotica' suited her. But, MAGICIAN, I will buy.

    Magic. Magic. Magic.

    Though, I do think of our Livvy ~~ "You have to believe we are magic, nothing can stand in our way!"

  8. 2 minutes ago, Nikki said:

    of course he would say that to a queen song while they're hot right now.. while ignoring her interesting and beautiful acoustic covers from less commercial artists, along with the beautiful Elvis track

    It would be TOO obvious to do a Queen song like that. Please, Guy O! 😕😕😕

    I would expect an X-Factor contestant to do something like that.

  9. 2 hours ago, AlvaroLiam said:

    Streaming may not be a cash cow, but when used it right, it can become a massive success for a musician, giving them loads of opportunities.

    Take for example David Bowie, whom is my fave icon up there with M. He's no longer here with us, but his team has managed to upload his music in different forms giving us new material (demos, radio edits, live performances, rarities, etc) almost twice a month; injecting life into his legacy.

    The Beatles are another example. They have special events on Spotify, where they premiere first new versions of old classics, including interviews, videos and comments on the songs. 

    On a most recent note, if I'm not wrong, even Ariana Grande has uploaded her demos under another name on Spotify, so her fans can listen to it easily. There's no need to have a physical CD to enjoy that surprise factor.

    And that's another key point: the surprise and accesibility factor. Streaming platforms allow you to go and listen to new releases asap, generating hype and conversations on social media platforms. Believe me: the first hours of the release are CRUCIAL for an album/single to succeed and then go to radios in an organic way.

    This kind of releases would not work in a physical way these days because #MONEY, but streaming fits perfectly with it. I would also LOVE to see M use vertical videos on her new album playlist (which won't replace the normal music videos, only add more visuals and fun to the equation), as well as some comments on the new songs before listening to them. I really hope she gets to manage her moves well on these platforms.

    That's all for now. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk about Streaming Services. 😄

    Well, that's definitely streaming used effectively. I love Bowie, too...so good to see his estate keeping the legacy alive. Though, do we have to wait till Madonna dies for demos, proper exclusives, to be given to fans?

    I agree that streaming allows access to new stuff ASAP; saves driving down to a record store (that barely exist these days).

  10. 43 minutes ago, Kurt420 said:

    Tying her song to a popular show or in a commercial would be could, consistent exposure. I do like the idea of a Netflix docuseries as well. There needs to some sort of NTP....lol....like REAL, effective NTP. After RH, I'm not sure how effective traditional promo like that even is anymore but I'd still like to see her do it. I loved seeing her everywhere during the RH promo, it felt like we had SOMETHING to look forward to every week for months.

    I guess one has to move with the times. Though, maybe I'm out of the loop..what is effective marketing, these days?  How does one effectively have blanket coverage without overkill or too much saturation that turns the public off?  As a fan (of anybody, really) I do simplistic things like follow them on Instagram, so I know records/albums are coming out.  In a world of Beyonces, Adeles, Taylor Swifts, Ed Sheerans, etc., how does Madonna show dominance in a field where she once reigned supreme?

    I know a fucking fantastic song will help, but it's not a given that agenda-driven/ignorant radio stations will take up airplay for more traditional markets.

    All I can do is pray to a higher power!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  11. 1 hour ago, tuckeye said:

    Same. i just use youtube for all my music now.

    i'm thinking about streaming but i'm canadian...how hard can i impact the charts here lol.

    My partner uses YouTube as his music library! My iPod Touch is my music machine!  In the car, I still play CDs, whether commercial or created. ROL sounds amaze in the car; so I most often play it on my late night drives home from work (I work till 11pm).

  12. 2 hours ago, humanracin said:


    I use Spotify to listen to new music and then if I love it enough I will always buy some sort of physical copy.

    You don't own anything on Spotify, you're only renting.

    Also most artists would prefer their fans to buy physical, they make shit all from streaming services.

    I don't use ANY streaming services! 😝

  13. 5 hours ago, cosmic_system said:

    Yes, she probably did 1 bad take for each song and that was it. I mean, the fact that she had a cold while recording Falling Free and that they could't find the time to do it right when she was feeling well..

    So true! I always "hear" that blocked head in FF. 😞😞😞😞

  14. 8 hours ago, luluthecat said:

    I was only being optimistic! I’ve definitely noticed a lot less enthusiasm for leaks. Nobody wants this to leak, during RH fans were showing off about hearing them and teasing people with descriptions and we all know what happened. I can’t imagine any fan out there wants to the same to happen again. 

    I don't mind leaks of the demos AFTER the new album release, just not before! 😘

    The fact that this album is less music-by-committee this time around will LIMIT leaks, just not eliminate them altogether.

  15. 5 hours ago, Marcelox said:

    She already mentioned "Dark Ballet " on Mirwais IG ..


    Well, that is an image from 'A Clockwork Orange' (Stanley Kubrick's film). Correct me if I am wrong, I'm sure there was an all-male ballet version (of sorts) in 2017, exploring themes of ultra violence.  Dark (violent) ballet, perhaps?!

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