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  1. 30 minutes ago, FeTuoni said:

    Exactly, before the opinion police comes saying silly stuff like “here comes the meltdown” that’s a perfect and valid question. And I never saw it that from that angle... 

    I always wanted her to collab with some truly cool people... and if she’s down with the Brazilians, why not choose someone like Caetano Veloso who she paid reverence when she was here for Guy’s wedding? It’d be something really cool and different and some who fills Madonna shoes when it comes to musicality and artistry. Anitta is the trashiest thing. 

    I would love it if Madonna did Latina-up a bit for this era. The bridge post highlighted again how good Madonna's vocal bridges were in tracks like LIB and WTG. I'm sure Mirwais has sprinkled his production magic over the Portugese/Brazilian musos.

  2. 2 minutes ago, elijah said:

    It would be a total trash if she collaborates with Anitta. I m up for a collaboration with someone more sophisticated like Depeche Mode, Morcheeba, Massive Attack, even Coldplay or (hmmm maybe) Rihanna. But why M chooses the trashiest collaborators? So that she looks good/grand in comparison???

    Exactly. There is a WHOLE WORLD of recording artists and writers that are capable, competent and available. I want someone who is not being played on a 12 year old's hand-me-down smartphone!

  3. 12 minutes ago, rebelheart said:

    First he said Anitta is going in the studio with M next week, now it's a video shoot...yeah right...:lmao:

    They're going to the tv studio to shoot an infomercial for the Portugese version of the Beauty Roller. Says an unconfirmed and unreliable source (me).

  4. 1 hour ago, YannBouch said:

    Indeed. Not going to happen so why bother. 

    Another we r superstar moment when a nobody brings out a rumour about Madonna to get likes. 

    We need to read between the lines.

    "I'm working with Madonna" actually means "I've been working out with Madonna on the stereo!"

  5. 2 minutes ago, XXL said:


    I agree

    But I was saying something else with that post

    Wanting Garga featured on every song rather than Anitta or Sinitta or whomever as it was being claimed is sacrilege

    I was just throwing out random names to highlight how ridiculous the featured vocalist Wishlist was becoming...


  6. 10 minutes ago, XXL said:


    You'd rather have someone who said "I write and produce all my songs, I play several instruments, I allow myself to look like a lazy slob[\s] to be spontaneous, what I do is different etc" ?




    I don't know who Anita is but anyone bar that fraudulent mess would be acceptable ...

    At the end of the day of recording, I'd prefer that no munters encroach on Madonna's running time on the album.

    Call me an unrepentant protectionist when it comes to Madonna's musical output; I'd rather try and continue Madonna's recording legacy without all these featured vocalists as distractions!

  7. 1 hour ago, FeTuoni said:

    Yeah. That has to be the worst trend in music. Features. Actually, it seems it has become the norm. I wish Madonna would think outside the box for a little a while, these people she often asks to be featured on her songs bring nothing to the table except what has been done a thousand times by lesser artists. This Anitta ( and I’m Brazilian ) is gonna be a huge low for her artistically speaking. Will it bring her popularity? Remains to be seen. I’d rather have Gaga featured on every song of her new album than nasty anitta in a single one.

    'Featured artists' are a dime a dozen, and haven't really added much to any artist of Madonna's calibre for a long time.  A thrown in rap doesn't make a mediocre song better.

  8. 24 minutes ago, systemvalues said:

    How dare you? lol

    Dareth, I.

    Honestly, the only featured musicians I want are....musicians.  Those that know their way around an instrument and a song.  Having all these featured rappers and slatterns is only proving that quality control is in short supply.

  9. 2 hours ago, rebelheart said:

    She has just finished mixing the album, she isn't going to get in the studio with this Anitta woman now...

    Madonna may as well do a duet with Italo-disco singer Sabrina...or Samantha Fox at this rate. Sheesh, talk about lowering standards...

  10. 10 minutes ago, tuckeye said:

    well what do you want the videos to be like....she cant repeat herself and make an 'express yourself 2.0' you know...

    i just hope for a lot of color

    I'd like Madonna as a nightclub singer, set in 'Babylon Berlin' times...and a lot of colour!


  11. 15 minutes ago, karbatal said:


    This decade meant a return of Madonna's superb videos. Since Hollywood I haven't got the great feeling until GMAYL came. 

    I ADORE Living For Love, I can watch it again and again, every little frame and movement is like a beautiful painting into movement. Maybe it's because I'm Spanish and I am use to Goya's paintings????

    I mean, come on! 

    Image result for madonna living for love gif

    Image result for madonna living for love gif

    Image result for madonna living for love gif

    Image result for madonna living for love gif


    Love every single frame! 

    I ❤️❤️❤️ this video MUY MUCHO, too!!!

  12. 1 hour ago, Shane said:

    I think Ghosttown sits alongside her all time best videos.  A wonderful look, compelling narrative, and fantastic choreography.

    I think Living For Love is lush, regal, and dark and serves up stunning visuals.

    I find BIM to be an embarrassment.  The fact that so many on here rush to praise it while trashing the other two superior pieces only proves for the 1000th time that Madonna has many sides and serves up something for all of us.


    All the above!

    BIM seems Taylor made for the under-18s.

    A lot of different sides to the fan stories, for sure....

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