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  1. Each Rebel Heart (song) demo is so much better than the album version. It's sad, but M wanted to re-Avicii it (with WAOM) after the leak. A mistake? Yes. But the tracks are still strong enough - but maybe no longer as single releases...

    It's like we got to see the artist's preliminary sketches before the final painting(s) and we preferred the draft (before it was over-rendered). I guess with the fact that they were stolen demos there was no other obvious choice but to retweek them, save releasing an album of mastered duplicates.

  2. Dunno if there is anything different from this list I have found!


    Addicted (The One That Got Away) – Demo #1 (03.10).mp3
    Addicted (The One That Got Away) – Demo #2 (03.56).mp3
    Autotune Baby – Demo #2 (03.47).mp3
    Back That Up (Do It) – Demo (03.31).mp3
    Beautiful Scars – Demo #2 (04.08).mp3
    Best Night – Demo #1 (03.47).mp3
    Best Night – Demo #3 (03.31).mp3
    Bitch I’m Madonna – Demo #1 (04.41).mp3
    Bitch I’m Madonna – Demo #2 (03.33).mp3
    Body Shop – Demo #1 (03.34).mp3
    Borrowed Time – Demo #2 (03.22).mp3
    Borrowed Time – Demo #5 (03.35).mp3
    Devil Pray – Demo (03.31).mp3
    Freedom – Demo #3 (03.56).mp3
    God Is Love – Demo (03.31).mp3
    Graffiti Heart – Demo (02.38).mp3
    Heartbreak City – Demo #2 (03.58).mp3
    Heaven – Demo (03.46).mp3
    Hold Tight – Demo #3 (04.53).mp3
    Hold Tight – Demo #4 (03.25).mp3
    Hold Tight – Demo #5 (04.40).mp3.mp3
    Holy Water – Demo #1 (03.34).mp3
    Iconic – Demo #1 (03.59).mp3
    Iconic – Demo #4 – Solo Version Final (04.24).mp3
    Iconic – Part-2.mp3
    Illuminati – Demo (03.20).mp3
    Inside Out (Let Me Love You From) – Demo (04.23).mp3
    Joan of Arc – Demo (04.03).mp3
    Living For Love – Demo #1 (04.51).mp3
    Living For Love – Demo #3 (04.40).mp3
    Living For Love – Demo #5 (04.12).mp3
    Messiah – Demo #1 (02.33).mp3
    Messiah – Demo #3 (03.14).mp3
    Messiah – Demo #4 (03.15).mp3
    Messiah – Demo #5 (03.38).mp3
    Never Let You Go – Demo (03.36).mp3
    Nothing Lasts Forever – Demo (03.30).mp3
    Rebel Heart – Demo #1 Accoustic Version (03.28).mp3
    Rebel Heart – Demo #2 (03.29).mp3
    Rebel Heart – Demo #4 (04.00).mp3
    Revolution – Demo (03.02).mp3
    S.E.X. – Demo #2 (03.22).mp3
    Score – Demo.mp3
    Take A Day – Demo.mp3
    Take It Back – Demo.mp3
    Tragic Girl – Demo #2 (03.20).mp3
    Two Steps Behind – Demo (03.30).mp3
    Unapologetic Bitch – Demo (03.53).mp3
    Veni Vidi Vici – Demo #1 (04.00).mp3
    Wash All Over Me – Demo #1 Accoustic Version (03.58).mp3
    Wash All Over Me – Demo #2 (04.32).mp3
    Wash All Over Me – Demo #3 (04.17).mp3
    Wash All Over Me – Demo #4 (04.02) (Avicii Final).mp3

  3. Beautiful Scars, Rebel Heart, and Inside Out demos are better than album version. The rest is sheer perfection.

    Thank God I have the demos, so now I can create my own masterpiece of an album :)

    Replace that first leak of the title track with the acoustic version of it, and I am in total agreement. The album version of 'Scars' seems a missed opportunity to highlight a great song. The disco-lite version is gutless.

  4. I feel like the mother in Sophie's Choice! From 1 to 25 ---

    Burning Up

    Bedtime Story

    I Deserve It

    Paradise (Not For Me)


    Liquid Love (is this one allowed?!)

    Ray of Light

    Drowned World/Substitute For Love


    Open Your Heart

    Papa Don't Preach


    Love Profusion


    History (Land of the Free)

    Into The Groove

    Express Yourself

    Like A Prayer

    Live To Tell

    Love Tried To Welcome Me

    I Want You

    Joan of Arc


    Erotica/You Thrill Me


  5. I wish I hadn't heard the demo cause it sounded SO MUCH BETTER than the final version, the demo sounded more raw and genuine, this sounds more 'happy' and generic and doesn't do justice to the lyrics imo.I hope if she sings this on tour it'd be a bare performance, just her voice and the guitar(like Gone in Drowned World) less is more.

    It is a bit more beefed up, but still works. I treat the demo like a well worked sketch and the album version the final painting.

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